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    If I were to put a grow light in a 1foot high 3 feet long and 1.5 wide and lock it up could I grow 1 autoflowering plant?What about an aerogarden
  2. Seriously?
    How are you going to grow a plant in a 1' high box?????????
  3. What the fuck? Plants like all the space you can give them. Go in no box. hang a light and put a pot under the light. BINGO instant grow space.
    What the fuck is with noobs who think they have to grow in a box?
    My guess is underage living at parents house
  5. I am not underage but I do live with my parents for the time being,how using the aerospace outdoors will frost still let it not grow?
    I was lucky as a kid, my parents grew and I had to grow my own. They did not want me in their shit and vice versa.
    Use an indoor closet and sit down with the folks and have a real talk. Better to grow weed then make street deals. and weed is not a dangerous addictive drug like alcohol or tobacco.
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    ...I would say yes. You can can train a plant to fit any space really, but you will likely need to change to flower very early and your harvest will reflect the size of plants (small).
    Also, obviously everyone would grow with no box if they had the option. Why not only suggest growing in full-size greenhouses? Whats with these noobs growing in their own homes?
  8. could I grow some in the aerogarden outside during the winter?
    It will turn into a frozen brick.
  10. depends on your climate I suppose. What are the temps like during winter?
  11. usually below 32 farenheit
  12. Then no, obviously not. I suggest you read up on appropriate growing environment, you should know that 32 f is not even close to where you want to be.
  13. thanks for all the answers and I will start my grow when temperature is a constant 70-80 degrees
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    Can you stand it on it's end making it 3 feet tall?  Just a thought.  :confused_2:  People grow in PC cases.
  15. yes I could

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