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    04/09/16 went into soil after being germinated, low amounts of water were given to the seeds< light is being held 1 ft away. in 3 small pots with potting soil in my closet, I'm worried about fire hazard, should i be worried about the bulb getting too

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  2. No. Pretty sure you're using a fluorescent bulb there and they don't burn hot. Your plants can grow right up to them and even touch them without getting burned. Now if that was a metal halide bulb in your light, it would be a different story...but even if it were mh, they're still not too close. You'll want to give them a day or so to get oriented and then bring that light down closer to them. If you don't, they're going to start stretching to try and get to the light. You don't mention what you're using to light these plants with as far as type of bulb or wattage, etc. More light makes bigger plants and better buds, so you want to put as much over and around them as possible, especially when using fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent lighting works fine for veg if you're using a bulb in the correct spectrum and you provide enough of it for the plant to grow under. Once you get to the flowering cycle, toss them for better and go for hps or LEDs. They will flower a plant, but they don't produce the nice dense buds we're all going for. The plants and the buds will be spindly and arid because they just don't get enough light. RE: More light makes bigger plants and better buds. It's critical in the flower cycle that you give them enough light to get as much from each plant as possible. TWW
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    I am using these bulbs, I just put the seeds in the dirt how much light should I be giving them?
  4. Gave them their first rotation of 18 hours of light turning the lights back on at 11:30pm-12:00am. I'm doing the 18-6 light schedule so i don't stunt the growth of the seeds

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