Grow journal, how does your garden grow?

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    Hey everyone, I got a grow journal blog!! RandiCalliburs Indoor Grow Lovers blog. Check it out!! Let's talk gardening, share our ideas and pics, what we tried that worked, what didn't work, our losses, our gains, and most of all the fun we have with this particular hobby!! Come blog with me and let's be grow buddies!!
  2. Hi RandiCallibur! I'll drop in and have a look check out my grow journal if you like!
  3. . Awesome I'll have a look!!
  4. how do I find it? Lol
  5. So I cut something like 14 clones the other day. Its usually hit or miss but I hope at least 10 of them make it!
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    Sometimes I just wish I could make a living off my cultivating. I really don't care to take orders and waste my time in a place I'm probably just gonna end up leaving anyways.
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    Aww man I found a couple seeds of royal flush!! I'm guessing when I got it, they were practically giving it away because it was a hermied plant, but I'm really hoping these seeds turn out female because I could really use another strain! And this one is AMAZING!! At least I got 2 so my chances of having one sprout are a little better, my luck is usually 1 out of 2 so far anyways!! Omg I'm excited to have another strain in the family!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Well I got a sprouting!! Yay!! I found 3 more, so I have 5 now, one of them is bound to be a female!!
  9. That she grows!! This is my hydro plant, tyrannosaurs Rx. She's only been in the bloom room a couple weeks but these LED lights seem to speed everything up!! Mm this one will certainly be tasty!!
    I do wish this was a better pic

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  10. So I'm trying something new!! I had some Mississippi Mud jars laying around so I made them into co2 jars!! Hopefully it'll boost my babies!!
  11. Got a sprout from my seedling already! And hopefully 3 more in the way!
  12. Damn, my mother master isn't looking so good. I noticed its growth was stunted, and I thought it was under nutriented, so I gave it some nutes. Then I tried to airate the soil, and now its super droopy and looks very unhappy, but its still green, for now. Lady at the hydro store told me to leave it alone and let it dry out, but it doesn't look like its doing that. Idk what to do now.. :(
  13. I try to only feed then once the dirt is completely dried out. When they get bigger, it's usually more often. The dirt wasn't drying out like it should, plus the dirt had been used a few times, so I don't even think it had any nutrients left in the soil. I had to let it go, there was no saving it.
    Ok so I'm super excited, I got 3 out of 4 seeds that sprouted from the royal flush! Can't wait to see how they look when they're bigger!! Yay!!!

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