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  1. alrighty so this is my first grow, im just usin bag seed cuz well its my first grow, im planning on growing two plants starting them inside for a couple of weeks and then moving them into my backyard(which is a forest). So heres some pics of what i have to work with in the begining i will update pictures every friday, but ill be on the forums every day. So sit back and enjoy the show i have done alot of reading and i think i know what im doing :rolleyes: . i'm not expecting high yeilds just a good expierience, i have a 15-30-15 plant food for flowering and a 25-10-10 for vegitation, im using Shultz potting soil, and for the early stages two CFL's 1700 lumens a peice, and a lamp to reflect light down....any question ask heres some pics

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  2. thats pretty fuckin awesome what happend when they get real big? transplant them somewhere else
  3. haha thanx, ya when they get to big im moving in the forest in my backyard it says so in teh first post :D , i was worried nobody would like the setup but i also think its pretty sweet thanx again

  4. Nice set up Dank.Are you, or have you prepared the outside growing area yet?
  5. why yes, yes i have, and just for u im going to go take a pic of it be back in hmmmm 5 minutes
  6. Hurry hurry!!!!!!!
  7. lol i tried i tried! f*ck f*ck f*ck lost battery power as soon as i made it back there i hate digi cameras i will have pics up by the end of the day check in a couple hours sorry :( but thanx for the compliment on the setup
  8. Be sure to keep us posted, GL dude..lemme know how those lights work, as those are the energy saving ones correct?

    Would this light work?

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  9. Dam those batteries:mad: will check in later!
  10. yes they are the energy saving lights, im not sure if that light would work, im sorry:( whats the lumen output is like etc. thanx for teh encourgament. i will try to make u all proud.
  11. highly unlikely that a light like that will work. Typically "energy saving lights" sacrafice lumens to reduce energy... stick with CFLs

    Nice Setup mmmm Dank!

  12. I'm glad u like it Flex :D now im just waiting for my seedlings to show there little tap root hope its soon, im getting so anxious.
  13. also, how secure is the grow area? it looks like an awful lot of light would leak out of that, and are you planing on adding mylar or some sort of reflective metal (which may help reduce light leaks)

  14. oh ya and i didnt mention it but im going to put up mylar everywhere, as u can see there is sum dust on the floor i will get that cleaned up b4 my little ladies (hopefully) go in there.

    Ya and i like harry potter haha :p
  15. whoa that was weird i posted that b4 reading what u said about the mylar, i was just thinkin "shit didnt tell them about the mylar" ya it will reduce the light leaks(there is very little) thanx for ur help Flex :D
  16. heres a little inspiration on what a true outdoor grow looks like... this should get your mouth watering a little :)

  17. thats a beautiful picture flex. hahaha I would love to live there :)
  18. well damn that is alot of weed haha. GOOD NEWS i got the mylar up and there is no light leaks at all :D . i will take pics as soon as i can get up to the store, the mylar really completes the grow radio, makes it look futuristic like, haha its cool, ill get pics up asap.

    yes flex that does make my mouth water, think my two plants will get that big?:p
  19. quick question if anyone can answer should i have my seeds in a dark WARM plance or a dark COLD place? thanx

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