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    So I basically have all the necessities to start my grow but im just sorta lost when it comes to the next step. So far I have my seeds germinating (been about 48 hours and still no crack) and my grow tent itself is set up(not the light or ventilation). I'm causing myself a great deal of anxiety over what it is I should do next. I measured the ph of my tap water and it is about a 7 which is too high. I need to get something to water my plants with and something that I could accurately change and measure the ph in(perhaps a 5 gallon bucket with a spout or beak to pour). I was hoping I could pot my plants tonight because I have 4 more autoflower seeds in which I haven't tried to germinate yet. I have heard that it is best to plant the seeds in their final pots when trying to germinate autoflowering seeds. I am hoping that by tonight I can have everything set up so that I am only left with taking care of the plants themselves rather than the grow tent.

    Edit: I wanted to add that I purchased my seeds from and while this is my first grow and I'm inexperienced when it comes to growing overall, I think the seeds they gave me are of some pretty bad quality. They are a lightish green almost a gray color and they look dry and brittle. They are supposed to be "autoflowering grand daddy purp" but I'm beginning to think they gave me a run for my money.

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