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  1. Can anyone please tell me what is wrong with my plant ive been watering and feeding advanced nutrients ph perfect at a 6.4ph and my run off is a 7.2ph and my leaves are doing this. I tried adding some calmag and its still doing this.. Anyone know what is wrong any help would be greatly appreciated. And when i feed and water should i lower it to 6.0ph to hopefully bring it down? Im growing in soil. Anyone know please let me know thanks.. And i did spray it twice as a foliar spray with the calmag but i dont think this is spray damage.. 1223171507d_HDR.jpg 1223171507c_HDR.jpg 1223171507b_HDR.jpg 1223171507a_HDR.jpg 1223171507_HDR.jpg 1223171506_HDR.jpg
  2. Definitely pH issues. Your runoff is way too high. Flush with 6.0 water until runoff is between 5.8 and 6.5

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  3. Your using micro Bloom and grow from AN pH perfect ?

    I use the same thing not a big fan of it, I add my nuts to the water and it always ph's itself to admit 6.1 to 6.4.
    Just keep an eye on your pH levels. How many ml are you putting into a litter of water?

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  4. What soil you using.. seems strange the ph is higher at the roots than what your putting in .. and the answer is flush at 6.0ph with a light nute mix
  5. Yes im using an ph perfect and im using 2ml of bloom 1ml micro and 1mll grow to a gallon and using ro water and its a 6.4ph. But what comes out bottom is a 7.1 7.2ph. And uing foxfarm soil i transplanted to fox farm was having lockout so i flushed it with some flawless finish by an. Its been 3 weeks and im having this problem with leaves now. I was watering at a 6.4ph and run off was the same now for 2 weeks now in week 3 the ph is higher in run off now and leaves are looking real spotty
  6. Flush asap mate.. are your nutes for soil because after reading it lowers ya ph pretty low for soil mate. I know that dont answer why its high.. but if ya growing soil i think biobizz is the way forwards. Would i be right in saying your feeding nutes for hydro into dirt?... its prob messed around with ya soil killing off all the organisms to keep ya plant healthy
  7. Hi just ot this of a m8 its nemenis ay think or mama mia its 2wks and hafe just wondering wat to do with it [​IMG]

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  8. Its in soil and got biobizz grow as well but gonny get proper feed for it wuld ay fit wight widow in thet its 60cm by 120 by 200

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  9. Tie it upright and grow it
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  10. Lower your feed pH to 5.8-6. cannabis would rather be on the acidic side than the basic side
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  11. Mate if its in soil keep ya ph higher.. otherwise the ph buffer in the soil will lower it further biobizz you wanna keep at 6.8 going in and that will make it around 5.9 to 6.1 at the roots
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  12. Mate d9nt even use ph down its not needed and kills off the microlife in the soil .. using biobizz nutes will lower ya ph on its own
  13. How could you disagree with what I said. Stop shilling biobizz he's using advanced. Once nutrients hit the rhizosphere the pH goes up. Hence RX nutrients not needing to be ph'd. You water it in at around 4 pH and after it hits the rhizosphere the pH will in turn rise due to nitrogen being absorbed and OH- released. Also cannabis does not like the base side of pH i.e. over 7.
  14. He clearly states he is using soil with biobizz... hydroponic or feeding to the roots requires a ph of 5.8-6 .. ANY soil grow does not really require on form of ph. But 6.5 to 7.0 is widely accepted. I use biobizz and can say 6.8 after nutes is a good number. Its common knowledge not tp use ph down and that feeding a ph of 5.8 in soil would see you with a very low ph at the roots after build up. I dont know what else to say to you
  15. If you'd like I can send you the studies that aren't stoner science dealing with pH in the rhizosphere. First post he says he's using advanced but was biobizz on hand later on in thread. If it's a soil grow he shouldn't be using nutes in the first place and if the soil is not buffering properly then it's either grow store soil or not mixed correctly
  16. If you wanna sit there telling people growing in soil to lower there ph to 5.8 thats down to you but is the wrong information
  17. Also
    Also if you notice his pH is going up in the runoff by almost a full point so yeah...
  18. Thats what im saying with soil you put in 6.8 and the rhizosphere becomes 5.9 to 6.1

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