grow goes south week 3 flower

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  1. Im using drip rings in 2 gal fabric pots.  20 in hydrocorn 17 days on 12/12, and 27 in peastone 10 days 12/12. Seperate 20 gal.reservoirs, water temp low 70's, R/O water dripping 7min on 30min off, (4) hps 400 watt cool sun. 6'x6' footprint, (torture chamber lately), Co2 1000 ppm, H & G nutes. Aqua Flakes plus adds. I used their online nute calculator & follow the recipe to a T with the addition of 1/8 tsp. epsom salt /gal, and latley 2.5ml/gal. Ph is stable 5.4-6.0 moves nice & slow, I rarley adjust at all. I've been getting major issues mid-flower for several grows now. Multiple def. symptoms. Leaf margins curling up, some wavy, turning necrotic eventually engulfing whole leaf tip which ends up crisp yellow & brown. Very brittle leaf petiols give a crisp juicy snap. Some leaf blades curve down, some with a slight twist, Some soft whispy new growth. some interveinal chlorosis WTF!! Symptoms begin mid way up. Ive enjoyed much success in the past. Im losing faith (&mind). Nothing i do helps & its been this way several grows. Ill try figuring out getting some pics worth oh, so much!

  2. Although your ph seems fine what are your ppms?The photos will help a lot. I can tell you right now that 72 is a nono in hydro the Rez water needs to be around 68is optimal. When you get to be around 72 that's when bad bacteria is most invited. From my research can cause the nutrients to not properly mix and suspend in thewater for the plants to uptake.That's why so many people have water chillers or frozen bottles.
  3. Pons are 856
  4. If you are running clones of the same few plants it would be worth doing some reading on TMV maybe. Not common really but can affect an entire garden.
  5. ppm 856 image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

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  6. Tmv good thinking. My regular sanitation may not b catching it. I'm clean but it's no lab.
  7. And I am doing exactly that, clones 2 or 3 same kinds & I smoke tobacco
  8. Looks like several deficiencys at once. Not sure what I could b doing wrong. In spite of one rez having a chiller, growth from both rez have same symptoms. It's like the grim reaper came. Devestating! Anyone ever c TMV on mj?
  9. Ok just red TMV only exsists in nightshade family. I know squat about other viruses affecting mj. Anyone who can shed even a lumen of light on my prob I'd b eternally grateful
  10. That looks like a deficiency it's potassium or phosphorus though

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  11. Can you see how your roots are looking ? Almost looks like root rot to me.

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