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  1. Hey. Right now my plant is about 5 - 6 inches tall. It's been like that for some time i think. I got a 200 watt crystal clear bulb 2 feet over it and it seems to be giving it fine light. Since it was like 2 inches tall, it has had only 2 weed leaves on it, with 2 rounder leaves abit lower than the other 2. If im doin somethin wrong please lemme in on da' delio.

    Peace 'n' Bud
  2. What kind of bulb is it????

    How many hours per day do u have your light on????

    What sie pot is it in???

    Is it enclosed???(u should use tin-foil or a har4 material painted glossy white)
  3. 200 watt Crystal Clear light Bulb that i got on at least 20 hours aday. miracle grow soil that is always moist, and at 6 inches tall.. it isn't enclosed.. Did i fuq up?
  4. Try breaking down your light intervals to about 12-16 hrs ON and the rest of the time in as much darkness as possible per day. Being that there is 24hrs in a day you can set your timer (for ex. 16 hrs light and 8 hrs of darkness). Also try to bring the light a bit closer to your plant . As it matures (and it will), after a couple of weeks to a month you can gradually cut down the on and off time.
    P.S. YOU GOT THE RIGHT IDEA. THERE ARE NO PROS IN THIS "FIELD" (only those who may know a little bit more). GROWTH IS ALL ABOUT TRIAL AND ERROR.
  5. At this point I'm guessing he's no where near the flowering stage so the 24hrs of light would be senseless (no disrespect)
    An HPS (high pressure sodium) light would be your best bet because the flourescents are for mainly patient growers and beginners.

  6. No offence tooken, your only tryin to help. Ok, maybe the Crystal Clear light bulb isn't working, so i got back up (lol). The flourosent i got is 33 watt Plant unit, it's supposaly for plants, if i need more of these flouro's, tell me, i'll go get them right now. Also, for the longest time, my plant had only had 2 good leaves on top, and none other growing that much, i might be doin somethin wrong. Thankz
  7. you entire plant may not be getting the proper lighting. what you could do is surround it with sheets of aluminum foil as well as another flourescent or two. A friend of mine used mirrors in his grow box to go along with his HPS light.
    P.S. no matter how bad it looks you shouldnt give up on your plant. growing is all about "trial and Error". the mistakes you make now will help you with your next crop.
  8. Oh, i ain't giving up on my plant. This is my first plant and im learning more while it's growing more. I noticed that it got alittle taller but it' hasn't changed much from appearence. I have the fn on sometimes of the day to make the stem stronger, im sure it will help. By the way, this plant is light green, but i mean green as hell, it's a very nice plant, an thats why i ain't givin up
  9. are you getting a strong aroma from it? (and do keep in mind "all around lighting")
  10. This is why i haven't hookd i up all tight yet. Im movin real soon, like in a week or 2, & im pretty busy doin acouple of things at a time. I want to hook it up and take my sweet time once i moved and get everything into my new crib. Right now i have only 1 pot with the plant in it, in my closet with a 200 watt ligut bulb on top, 1 or 2 feet awat from it. The bulb gives out alot of light, yes, it's very bright in there since there is no coating on the bulb, you can straight up see the wires and metal things inside the bulb, all crystal clear and all.
  11. well your in good shape right now. Good Luck

  12. Ave.

    I need to ask, because your post seemed a bit contrdictive to what I have been reading, As woody suggested, if he does not have a high dens. light, He would be better off leaving the light on 24 hours... this is what I have been finding everywhere and the explination is that it keeps the chloro. cycle continuos, hence longer day, more growth...or constant growth whatever the case may be... this Makes sense to a newbie with no knowledge in the dynamics of a plants life cycle, so perhaps I am reading wrong... also it would make sense to me that with a lower discharge or a lower watt bulb, the plant would need more light, hence longer light, to get the sufficient amount needed to complete its veg. cycle in the shortest amount of time, correct me if I am wrong..

    What I hear from you, is; Because the plant is only 6 in. tall, it is nowhere near the flowering stage. thus having the light on 24 hours would be pointless instead, you suggested he leave the light 12 on / 12 off or 18 on / 6 off. Now, from what I have read and learned, is that with the SOG method, putting small clones under a 12 /12 light cycle almost immediately after they have rooted, results in a faster harvest, (the shorter light times force budding) so combining the tid bits Ive read elsewhere the reccomendations by others, and your instruction, It makes sense to me that to NOT leave the plants under a 24 h. cycle is in fact restricting the plants growth especcially with a lower discharge/wattage, etc. and perhaps even force it to start its flowering stage, and this isn't the thing to do if you are looking for any kind of a yield, unless he has 50 plants. if I am wrong, please tell me, im all for learning something new. By no means am I an expert of any kind, I cant figure out whats wrong with my own 6 inch plant, maybe you can help me out with my problem (indoor growing > why me.) and perhaps Ill learn something from it, and help someone else in the same prediciment as me...and hopefully, WAS... If you get what me saying mon.

    Ave atque vale...

    Have a good night.

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