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  1. How am i supposed to use those starter cubes that i got with my hydro kit, i bought my kit off Ebay for dirt cheap and it came with 6 cubes for each planter with no instructions??>>...........

  2. I assume you mean rockwool? if your using seeds, just push it in to the depth you want, and then saturate the cube with water and keep it moist from there on, your system should take care of this. (what did you buy?) if your using clones, make sure you "peeled" off an adequete amount of "outer bark" at the rooting end to expose the soft stem to root into the cubes, dip the end in a rooting hormone to help it out, and then i suppose you could push a hole in the cube with a pencil and then stick the clone in it. look around for more info on clones, cant help much there. wear some gloves when touching the cubes, and try not to breath in any dust that might present itself from them, the cubes can cause small splinters and dissolve into your body (unless you are idealy alkaline and healthy in nature) the acidic nature of our bodies (we are supposed to be alkaline, but theyve done fucked us up.) will disolve them (the ockwool splinters) and , well its not so good for you. :)

    hope this helps.
    Ave atque vale.
  3. I'm using an emily's garden as my hydro kit>>......
  4. Ave, I have looked at your system... Is it only me around here or do these setups look awfully small for our growing needs? Will not light become an issue when six, 4 or even 2! plants come up in a system like that? wont they crowd eachother out from the light? I am not sure but I would have to say it looks like it would do just that, especially if you are planning on growing an indica var. Perhaps you could grow 2 in a scrog with that setup (like the stealth cab system on or perhaps go with flowering real early, but if you want to grow more than 1 plant in that system, I really cant advise, i think one will be sufficient, I would look on they have some real simple and as it apears, effective as well as inexpensive to build system plans. perhaps youll find it better suits your needs? Im sorry I cannot help more than this, take the light issue in to consideration, what kind do you have anyway? (light)

    Take care.
    Ave atque vale.
  5. I was Planning on using FLOUROSfor the first grow and then if i get into it i will buy a(n) HPS system, as for the overcrowding i've had the same worries as u do but i will think of something when the time comes.
  6. This is the route I took. Flouros that is. two 40 watt CW's working fine for a first timer, I will certianly upgrade to better equip. on my next grow, these guys on this site are awesome, never would have got this far without finding this site, thanks people. But I hope you think of something for the crowding issue, That could be troubles with using flouros for your light source, dont let your plants get too tall either, its not worth it, as the light wont get to it and youll probably have to constantly be tying your stems down to get better exposure to the lower leaves...perhaps you could set some verticals up on the sides of them also, this might help? I dunno, hope it goes well, let me know if it does.

    good luck.
    Ave atque vale.

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  7. What if i build and put up cardboard dividers around the plants, do u think they would get enough light, and would that deal w/the overcrowding issue......Wait I'll put alumniunm foil on the cardboard so that the light will reflect down and all around..... i think that would work perfectly; What_do_U_thonk??>>........

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  8. It is certianly worth a try! You have the system already, You might as well work with it, Make sure the dull side is the side you use for reflecting, as the shiny side will cause hot spots and burn your plants, being this close to the plants the dull side might even effect them, perhaps you should go with mylar, and tak it nice and straight on the dividers. Also, even with dividers your plant leafs on the sides closest to the dividers will probably get wide enough to be touching them and than it wont matter if any reflective surface is used, as the plant will most likely be shielding the light from reaching the dividers... Ill have to think about this one..

    I still think you should only grow 2 max in it can get a pretty decent yield off of them from what Ive seen in a scrog. its not difficult. but I will think a bit more.

    Take care.

  9. Also rockwool cubes are very high pH. Soak them a couple days before hand and pH adjust the water to get it to a neutral value of 7 before putting the seeds in starting up the hydro system. Then once the system is up and going keep a close eye on your reservoir pH to make sure the rockwool is not pushing it too alkili.

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