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  1. ok so yesterday i built a lil gro box thats about 1.5' sq ive decided to use that for a vegging room but im gonna need to find a new spot for that since the area that it is in now i want to have a flowering room but this has to be AS STEALTH AS POSSIBLE!!! because i still live with my parents and they are anti drug like they'd kill me if they ever knew i smoked kron.

    ok so im going to take a few pics and post them on so that you guys can see but the dimensions are going to be this

    the width of the space is 21.5 inches
    the legth is 18 inches
    and the hieght is 70-71 inches(just under 6 ft)

    I am planning on using MDF for building this and i might just totally scrap my lil vegging box and build a lil self for my seedlings but its going to be cramped i will draw up a sketch to show you what i think it should look like and im going to use Compact flors. cause i can afford the HPS and they give off too much heat and use to much hydro. even though i have all the fixtures and bulbs at my house for HPS bulbs cause my step dad is a green freak lil hydro vegtables so i could grow in there but i would get caught fast plus the green house is see thru.

    so please post any drawing you have that could fit those dimensions that use compact flors ONLY! and have a small vegging room and the rest for flowering thanks

    Peace :bongin:
  2. Bump please i need ideas and help for ventilation and a good design
  3. ok so since i was kinda lazy i drew these up quickly and im going to hang up clothes so that i can hide my grow room and i also have a sliding door to close my closet and just bove the top rack theres a attic acces panel and i was thinking of just venting it into my attic

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  4. your parents will find out.
  5. Yup doesn't matter what you do, if its inside they'll find it. Trust me I would know. Not a fun situation to be in btw. So unless you can find a nice little gorrilla spot outside I wouldn't suggest doing it inside, expecially since your parents are anti-drugs.
  6. yea but theres too many ppl around my area that crop hunt which is a huge fucking piss offand i have a messy room so how will they tell i have it because im gonna camaflause by making it look like theres clothes were it is
  7. has your mom ever cleaned up your room before? done your laundry before? put your laundry away before? walked into your room before?

    if you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, you will be caught :D

    i'm not saying it's not possible to do, but unless your EXTREMELY good, and EXTREMELY lucky. you'll get caught.
  8. Does your mom have a nose? If you answer yes to this question then you will get caught. :eek:
  9. You can either continue with your plan and you WILL get caught, or grow outdoors and risk having some punks take your crops. If you pick out a good spot, they may never be found.

  10. She's never in my room cause Its always a huge mess and I was planning on campflauging my grow closet cause it's in the hidden corner of my closet and I was going too staple some old clothes on the side to make it look like I have clothes hanging up and I was going to have a carbon filter(s)
  11. You sound like you've pretty much convinced yourself that you won't get caught, but I have to agree with everyone else here that the chances of a successful stealth grow in your parents house is a bad idea. Not to mention that it's extremely disrespectful to grow in someone else's house without permision.

    Even the quietest fans will emit a low hum which can be heard a couple feet away if in the same room. A carbon filter is great, but unless that sucker is air tight and you have negative pressure to ensure nothing is leaking out, you're probably still going to have some odor. You could take care of it with an Ona block, but your folks might wonder why your room smells like a mix of fresh linens and a latrine. Also, while the increase in the electric bill won't be enough to get the attention of the electric company, it is certainly noticeable on the bill and your folks might wonder what is causing the spike.

    Just too many ways to get caught man. I know it sucks, but take the risk outdoors or wait until you've got your own place. You say your folks would kill you for finding out that you smoke, can you imagine what hell it would be living in that house if they found your grow? Is the benefit really worth the risk of living in a completely shitty situation?
  12. Guy, I have a very messy closet in which I kept ALL of my toking tools, weed, etc in a small bag in a box below all the shelves. My parents never go in there (they hate messing with all my stuff) but they ended up lookin for a cell phone charger and decided to strip my closet. They found everything but lucky for me, they are very cool about my habit now.

    It can happen to anyone. The strange phenominon that causes parents to clean sweep their child's entire room. It could happen to you and it doesn't sound like it'd be worth it. You can always wait till you move out.

    I feel your pain though, cuz my parents will not let me grow, no exceptions.
  13. Do NOT grow without your parents' permission. A friend of mine is growing in his parents' home in his bedroom closet, but they're very accepting of cannabis and he asked for their permission before embarking on his endeavor. The problem with growing isn't going to be stealth. There are a number of things you can do to mask the smell and to hide the room from your parents or other interested observers. None of those will save you, however. My friend's little sister found out when he was watering his plant and his little sister walked in. Someone who doesn't know is always going to find out, whether it's from loose lips or being caught tending to your crop. The best advice is not to grow until you have a place of your own or can afford to rent a space which is conducive to growing.
  14. Respect your parents' wishes. IF you're young enough to have to worry about your parents finding your crop, there are so many other joys to be had rather than growing cannabis anyways.
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    Alright I feuds I'll have to wait one more year till I can finally grow I'll just set up every thing while I'm waiting LOL cause I'm really fucking excited to start my first grow free kronic dam no more paying for weed its not lime it's ecspensive here since it's only $10 a gram but trying to find ppl that can supply the amount I need cause I smoke 3 times a day to help with my back because I have a seperated disc and my left knee because I tore all the muscles in my knee and the pain is fucking crazy and when my stash is low or all dried up I got wait sometimes a week. For more iron and it sucks ass
    but for know I'll just post pics of my carbon filter and the set up I'm gonna have

    Peace :bongin:
  16. yo do you parents know about your pain problems? if they do you should try talking to them about medical marijuana. if it's legal in your state definitely go to a doctor and talk to him about it. if you parents still refuse they should atleast be getting you some kind of treatment
  17. trust me they dont they dont even let me have advil or tylenol i have a stash of it for when i run out of kron and take about 4-5 at a time but yeah its fucking ridiculous my first day im done here which is in hope fully 9 months from now im moving to denver or some where far away! im gonna forget about my family lol cause they dont even love there child enough to medicate him with some kind of pain killer
  18. Yea and a non addictive one too that does less damage to your body then aspirin. That really sucks your parents aren't even open to the medical side of MJ. I would just go see a doctor without them and get a card, thats if your lucky to live in one of the 13 states. If you do go to denver you'll be able to get a Medical Marijuana card no problem.

    I hear you bro, I really need to get away from my family lol. Its like I love you guys but I need my own space now lol. :smoke:

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