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  1. I'm planning on building a closet grow with a veg and flower box the closet will be 9 feet high so I'll have the veg box 4 feet and the flower 5 feet tall. The problem is I live in canada and my heater keeps it at -9c on cold days and 3 degrees celsius at the highest. I plan on growing with cfls and I was wondering if putting 1 heat lamp in each box would keep the plants warm and wouldn't dry out the plants? Last grow ended early when my plant that was 4 weeks from finishing was roughing it in cold weather so my brother put a space heater in it on low and the plant was dryer out enough to smoke in two hours. So I don't want that to happen again. Anyone with some experience in growing in conditions like that give me some info on how to keep them warm? All responses welcomed :D
  2. And when im flowering I won't be able to have a heat lamp on all the time so I don't know what I can do? Any suggestions?
  3. Someone give me a response!!!!!!
  4. Can I get a reply?
  5. This is what I'd do.

  6. OK! How cold is it in the exact room you will be growing in? (15-38 Fahrenheit?)
    what material is the cabinet?
    Is it airtight except the intake and out air?

    In any case you can use any small halogen lamp (20-60w) in a common E26/27 socket should warm things a bit, keep it a bit away from any leaves. OR you can light a few BIG candles and let them stay in the room, they give off heat, but hardly any light to keep the plant awake I would think. You'd also be getting Co2 from the candles. You could also source a couple of those small heated 4" fans that clip onto your dash and plug into the lighter socket of your car.
  7. They maker cheaper ones but I would just make sure it has an controlled temp.
  8. It ranges from -9 degrees celcius to around 4 degrees celcius in the garage. I'm not done building the cupboard yet the cupboard will be made of plywood and a door and will be lined with reflectix insulation I was planning on using a 100 watt halogen light that my friend uses to keep his watering hose from freezing on his farm could it get too hot?
  9. For that small of a space and that good reflective insulation you wont need much, the CFLs should give a small fraction of heat as well, you dont want to dry your plants again lol.

    Go small, then large if you have to. Sometimes you can get smaller halogen bulbs like 13w-40w.
  10. Alright thanks for the replys I'll try it out when I'm done building it and tell you how it goes

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