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    My idea is to have a 8*4*3.5' cabinet that's sectioned off for a perpetual harvest.
    My question is what size should the veg chamber be and what size should the flower section be?
    I'll upload a pic of an idea for my design I had when I go on my computer
    There will be four plants in the flowering section at a time i just threw in the one bucket and plant for reference
    Ventilation will be completely different I plan to run a vent from outside to the bottom of the cabinet then have all air flow from top to bottom passing through a carbon filter on the way out.
  2. As big as you want how many plants do you plan on having at one time mothers? Clones? Veg? Flower?
  3. 4 plants at a time 400 watt hps 6 feet of grow space I'm going to enclose the bottom of the buckets to keep square footage down. My only real problem now is the temperature of where I live summer times will be around 90 degrees max and winter its gonna be 30 degrees and lower. My new question is what are my options? Does anyone else grow with conditions similar what are the results/problems?
  4. i'm designing almost the same exact cabinet grow except i was going to put the veg chamber on bottom with intake holes and the exhaust at the top. You temperature should be a little better with a 400w light and a good blower.

    as far as what size should each chamber be i'm just guessing you would want maybe a foot and a half for vegging and more than double that for bloom

    but honestly asking the guys at your local hydro store might be more reliable
  5. Intake at bottom, exhaust out top...

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