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    ok so my plan is to build a cab that is a touch tinier than 2.8x2.8 and will be 7 feet high. that should give me about 50watts per square foot. i was planning on putting a 400watt HPS in there.

    now a couple questions. how many plants would you guys recommend to put in there? its works out to like 7.85sq ft.

    what do you guys think about this fan for a room taht size: High Tech Garden Supply its a 465 CFM active air blower

    oh also the brown thing is the blower and the black thing is a carbon scrubber filter

    and one more thing... should i probably include maybe some passive intakes and exhausts?

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  3. you won't need that many CFM for a room that size. my room (the one in my signature grow) is almost exactly that size adn i have a 4'' sunleaves windtunnel (200cfm i believe) and it is PLENTY. almost overkill. my digital ballast is OUTSIDE of the closet though so thats not creating heat inside the closet. if yours is anything like mine you'll be fine with a 4''er

  4. hey appreciate your input lots. that 465 is only 7 bucks more so i figured i would just go for it and maybe turn the speed down a bit cause lots of people were saying that they get pretty loud.

    how do you feel about how the exhausting system itself is set up?

    also i should probably have some passive intakes ont eh bottom and with a little exhaust fan up top right?

    one last question.. in that kind of space how many plants do you think you can fit in there?
  5. and one more thing what would be a good size for a mom room. enough to hold 3 moms? and what lighting would be sufficient?
  6. anyone help me out?

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