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  1. I am going to post pictures of my plants in this thread as we go along.
    - They sprouted 2 weeks ago.
    - It's a bagseed grow. (only 3 plants, wasn't able to get more seeds)
    - my second grow. (i hope this year i'll find better spot. got ripped off last year)
    - It's going to be a very low budget grow (i'm probably buying only the soil and worm castings... but i'm not sure yet.)
    - I live in Slovenia (possible bad english ;))

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  2. looks like a good start :)
  3. the second one is kinda weird ˇdefectiveˇ though. i'll wait and see what happens.
  4. ^Defective^ weed is usually some kickass weed, in my previous grow the plant never really grew any (12"s compared to 3' with the others) and grew really oddly, 1 joint of her bud knocked 5 guys on theyre ass's an 1 whitey'd. Let grow!
  5. ok, its been a week, so here the pictures:
    I had to transplant the first one, because of its week stem, so i burried it a bit in a soil so the plant is more stable.

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  6. looking good dude i'd keep the twisted 1 for cloning
  7. new pictures:

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  8. that looks good, wish my genetics were a faster growing strain like most others . . . ah well.

    Btw, I would FIM by now, you could even do LST if you were careful I think.
  9. I'll wait for another set of branches, then I'll FIM the biggest plant. I guess I'll just leave the other two growing naturally.
  10. I would put the two smaller ones in a bigger pot by now and yea FIM the larger one... what light are you using? the sun? :) looks good what ever you are doing... great looking plants +rep :)
  11. jep, the sun. they are on my window shelf, but they are getting enough sun (about 6-8 hours of direct sunlight a day - if its a sunny day of course). thanks to all for keeping this journal alive. :)
  12. you think i should start fertilize? i have some tomato fertilizer at home (NPK=4:4:8). what do you guys think?
  13. start fert when their first leaves start to turn yellow , try to find another fert high in N something like 10-5-8
  14. it's funny how the smallest plant is starting to stink. you can even smell it by standing right next to it and its so small!... weird. it's probably some sort of skunk. the other two dont stink yet. oh and i've decided not to top at all this year.. i'm going to let them grow naturally. i'm going to transplant them outdoors soon.
    here are the new pictures:

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  15. ur plant looks aabout the same as mine were growin at bout the same rate we sprouted around the same time the beggining of may ill be lookn towards ur grow and comparing it to mine
  16. great, you can post some of your pictures here if you want. :)
  17. ok, now what the hell is this? is it showing sex allready? its impossible, its june!
  18. sorry man its a male,

    see all the little sacks??

    or could be hermie, keep it seperate if you want to make seeds, or cross breed it with another strain, or rip it up if you dont want it infecting your fenmale plants. otherwise they will all be full of seeds.(just icase you didnt know)

    hope that helps
  19. yea i know what male is, but how come its allready showing sex this time of the year?
  20. males flower earlier i heard but still thats very early

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