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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by growdatindo, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. ok i have a 21x26 inch box thats about 3 feet tall. it has a lid i made with plywood. i was wondering if a 35 watt flouro light stick would work for a plant or better yet two?
  2. more light, as much fluros as u can get. or just buy/steal and HPS light
  3. in a box that size your gonna want about 200w of light... although a 150w hps will hold it own in there... and if you still se flouros keep them as close to the plants as possible...
  4. my bad, u cant use an hps in that size of box.
  5. how close can you have a flouro to the plant. the very first tiem i trid to grow i used a hallogen that was about a foot away from teh plant and it killed it. i dont want to kill it again.
  6. the fluros can be almost touching the plant.. when i used fluros my plants were resting on the fluros for the fluros were brley giving off any heat.. it depends on how hot it is.

  7. Why not? I've seen grow boxes this size with a 150 watt hps, no prob. Some even have 200 or 250 watt hps. I would think much higher than that, though, and you would run into heat problems.
  8. it seems like an hps would b too hot for a box that size. i suppose it is possible but it might get heat stress. also you would need a big ventilation fan for your box. but if u r going to use an HPS i would reccomend a bigger grow area.

    I use a 400 W HPS and i have a walk in closet for my grow area. altho i have never realy measured it, it is about 10-12' long X 7-8' Wide X 8' high ceiling.
  9. ive seen a 400w HPS in a box that was 2' x 2' x 3' tall... and produced great, even dispite nutrient problems... and adum, a 400w HPS isnt gonna cover an area that large... maybe a little part of that area, but not the whole thing...
  10. i have only 2 plants, my wholke area isnt filled just two very large females. i just use that closet for my grow. i have grown six plants in there before and they turned out ok.

    and also, a 400W HPS in that area?! thats crazy i wouldnt try it.. with my luck i would roast my plants.. but if you or someone u know got it to work then Congradulations. how far away were the lights?
  11. i think the lights were 12 inches away... a 400w HPS will cover a maximum of about 10 or 11 sq. ft. and still be able to roduce a decent amount of bud...just about idea for an 8sq. ft. room.... or a larger room with the plants in a smaller space...

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