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  1. I have decided to build my own box for winter growing. Due to limited space, I am building a 36"x36"x65" box. I will line the inside with 1/2" thick reflective aluminum insulation and have a 6" fan and two 3" intake ducts for fresh air. I was planning on using four 24" fluorescent bulbs which are adjustable for height. I was thiking about growing 4-6 small plants like lowryder 2. Assuming all other details work correctly, will this work for decent production? Also, any recommendations on the type of fluorescents to use would be helpful. Every different opinion I read seems to be different and I am confused.

  2. Help, anybody?
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    if done properly, you could probably get about 10 ounces in a space like that. I dunno if that's what you'd call decent production as everyone's needs are different. not sure what you mean about what type of flourescents. need to be more specific to get some good answers.

    edit: dunlop's probably right. without an HID light you won't come close. i'm still pretty ripped from the wake and bake sesh :smoke:

    6 sounds about right. i just didn't wanna be a negative nancy.
  4. With a room like that you can easily grow 4 huge plants in bubble buckets. in THAT case you would probably get about 6 oz. since you're using fluorescents. If you grew lowryders you would probably only get 2 or 3. Buy an HID light or two and your yields will dramatically increase.

    If you're looking for nice lights I would buy some large CFLs, the ones that fit into mogul sockets. 2 125W lights would be low heat and would produce. T5's are also another option, however you would only be able to fit 1 2x2 light in there and I don't know much about the effectiveness of T5's in flower.

    In response to chemicalcomfort, you probably wont come close to 10 ounces until you buy an HID light. Your yields wont be very high with fluorescent lights, but you will have herb to smoke. Look into growing a non-autoflowering strain because you certainly have the space and the patience definitely pays off. Good luck man.

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