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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by WithOutaPaddle, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Hi, 
    We are thinking of getting a grow box like AcTech. Has anyone had one? 
    Any thoughts about grow boxes?

  2. Build your own. It will be exactly like you want it. 
  3. Thanks USANDTHEM! Pain is level 5 normally, 8 after a chore, keeps me at bay. Hubby might be able to he's good but not as motivated as me! For my situation it looks premo.
  4.  I just looked at their prices. Wow!!!! Get the hubby motivated. I built my box for about $100 and then put about $500 worth of equipment in it. It grows killer weed. Good luck.
  5. Wow yourself! $100 huh? Cheeez...
    Ok, what did u use? I see hydro bags full of supplies for the box on line... Or did u piece meal?
  6. I built my box out of wood. I'm a woodworker so that was easy. Some people use those wardrobes they sell at Wal-mart. Then get a couple of fans and a carbon filter, a light hood, a ballast and bulbs...... Do this. Pick the box that you like and have your Hubby build a box that size. Then just buy all of the components that they list off of Ebay or Amazon. I garrauntee you will save money over their price. You are paying them for convenience. Heck, if you lived close to me I'd build it for you. 
  7. Or get a tent, even easier than a box. I built a box and the biggest problem was light proofing and getting proper sound control. We have visitors over often so stealth was a concern. In the end I am way happy, just wish I had more space. That said a tent would have been way cheaper for me than the box(2x2x5).

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