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  1. i made my old sock drawer into a grow box. I took out the bottoms to all the drawers and lined the entier inside of the box with bright white paint . and have light fixtures from old black lights of mine on the inside, i just need to know what kind of bulbs i need to use and if i need anything else to my little contraption.,?
  2. warm, and/or cool white fluoroscent (t12) bulbs... a mixture of the two works good... oh and you'll want something to move them up and down. just curious... whats the dimensions?
  3. the drawer is about 3 feet high and 2 feet wide
  4. Change out the floro and spend the $$ and get a small HPS :) better yeild ezier one bulb to worry about and only 50 dollars

    Just my opinoin

    A small fan exracting the heat would work wonders availble for like 20 dollars from
  5. were can i get the hps from thanks in advance
  6. Shop around online. seems to have a good selection and pretty good prices. Just google for HPS, or even look around town.
  7. Home Depot sells low wattage (60-90w) HPS bulbs.
    T8 flouros are your best flouro choice if you decide to take that road.

    Peace and stay blazed:smoking:
  8. Does anyone know where you get a smalle fan or blower for a pipe or a bottom of pipe?

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