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  1. I have read that marijuana plants need 70-80 temp range to grow properly but i have one 12" flourescent light in my box and it isnt doing to mch temp wise i say its about 60*f at most. what can i do to warm the box a little. If the temp is low inside the box do i still need a fan in there.
  2. put more lights in it or keep it in a warmer place i dont think u need the fans if the temp is 60
  3. yo floros dont give off heat i had the same situation and i went out and bought a heater fan it is kinda like a blow dryer but 10" that helped alot and once it gets warm you can turn off the heater and its just a fan its pretty cool
  4. You need more light in any event, one 12" fluoro won't do much for light let alone heat. After you add more lights if you still have low temps you can add a small space heater or even add one or more regular incandescent bulbs. I know, blasphemy, but it's for heat only.

    You will still want a fan to circulate air and to grow a strong stalk and branches.
  5. a 12" flouro is good enough for seedlings

    you'll need much more wattage as the girl (hopefully) grows up

    60 degrees is amazing... lower temps seem to bring out a darker, richer color of the plant (possibly a purple:D) but if you really want to grow, get some CFLs (the twisty kind)... maybe 2-3 45 w... you wont get much bud but its the best kinda light for a small, new grow.

    if you have the money, you could get a low wattage metal hallide or high pressure sodium bulb
    they sell 60-90watt mh and hps bulbs at home depot, but you will need a ballast i think those are found at home depot also

    hps is much better for flowering because it is more on the red spectrum whereas metal halide is best for vegetation on the blue spectrum

    but once you get into bigger lights you run into heat problems... its a vicious cycle
    make sure your temps stay below 80 degrees F

    peace and stay blazed:smoking:
  6. use more light and yes you still need a fan, keeping air circulating around the box is important and a fan blowing on the plants helps to strengthen the stems so that they wont break or fall over when they get big buds on them.

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