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Grow Box Shopping List

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GentlestJBird, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Hello! I am new to growing and I've been studying a bit on cannabis and i found a relatively cheap CFL grow box set up for under $300! (now bear in mind i DO NOT need a carbon filter so that is not factored in) here is the shopping list!

    Grow Box dim: 2ft x 2ft x 4ft
    Veg. box timer: 16 light, 8 dark
    Flower box timer: 12 light, 12 dark
    42 watt cfl buld x4 (around $40)
    65 watt cfl bulb x1 (around $25)
    23 watt cfl bulb x1 (around $10)
    (256 watt total grow light)
    Mylar, 30 ft. x1 (around $30)
    White Outlet-to-Socket Light Plug x6 (around $18)
    Timer (around $7)
    Ferts. (around $30)
    Seeds (around $40)
    6 foot 3 outlet extension cord x2 (around $5)
    Wood (around $30)
    ALSO get some cheap computer fans like 2-4 (around $10-20 depending on what you get)
    $250 total

    *Disclaimer* this is the shopping list that I am following for my cfl grow this is a rough guidline not a bible. You may deviate from my set up. Pics from my build coming soon! :hello:
  2. Why don't you believe you need a carbon scrubber?
  3. Very nice, I'm subbed for this.
  4. I would utilise the ScrOG method, it will make a big difference to your final yield. you could do with making reflectors for your lamps. you will be better off with a small bathroom extractor instead of using computer fans for exhausting air, I don't think they will cope with the heat. they will be ok scattered in and around your plants to keep things moving though. don't forget light traps for your intake. black drain pipe elbows work well
  5. you may want to factor in pots, soil and perlite. half as much perlite as soil
    I use 2.5inch pots for germinating and after 2-3 weeks step up to 5inch and then if your going to step up again go straight to the final size

  6. Well considering this is a small scale grow op i can just put a few bowls of carbonic ash in and around the box and it will help with the smell A LOT

  7. Thanks for the recommendation! :D due to moving houses I won't be able to assemble the box for about 3 months :(
  8. I never heard of carbonic ash.

    I had three small plants of bag seed and there was a noticeable smell when the carbon filter wasn't running.

    Good luck with that.
  9. Really? You know this for a fact?

    The size of your grow has nothing to do with the limits you need to set for reasons of stealth/security. You want ZERO odor, whether from one plant or 100. You will not filter the smell of growing MJ out of the air unless you move that air through a closed system that cleans it, e.g. carbon scrubber.

    Think of a water filter -- you bring the unfiltered water through a tube into the filter and back out the other side all clean, ensuring that all the water must pass through the filter. Same with air. Sitting a water filter in a bottle of water won't clean the water, sitting some sort of cleansing material (carbon ash??) in a room full of smelly air won't clean the smell out.
  10. I put about $400 into mine, not including soil, nutes, seeds
    pics of my 2x2x4


    (1) 250w MH/HPS $135
    (1) 4" 160 cfm blower $80
    (1) 4" CAN filter $120
    (2) sheets 1/2" plywood $32
    (4) 2x2x96" $6
    (1) 2x6x96" $2-$3
    (4) caster wheels $12
    (1) roll 4'x10' mylar $15
    (1) pint contact cement $9
    (1) 10' length of chain + eyebolts $6

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