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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by glasshouse, May 30, 2002.

  1. I want to construct a lightproof box to grow 2 plants at a time approx 2 foot x 4 foot.
    What is best material to use?
    What type of lights and how many would i need?
    How many fans would i need? Would I need intake and exhaust fans or would just exhaust do?
    Can i use the fans that are used in computers I have a budget of £500
  2. Get some black plastic sheeting to cover it...the more mils the better. You could probably fit 2 flouro fixtures in it so four 4' flouros or a HID...depending on how much height you have to work with. Just an exhaust fan is fine if you decide to use flourescent lighting. Make sure there is some holes to draw air in.
  3. High density 3/4 particle board..

    1 250w HPS ballast kit..,bulb..

    2-3 fans,new, high volume pc/case fans will work with 12vdc transformer/power pack..120vac fans of same size are ideal..

    This size of box works well for flowering early clones,,or for full scrOG grow..

  4. High

    My chambers are 3'x4'x7' high
    I got 400watt Metal Halide with 3 puter fans..2 fans are intake an 1 fan is exhaust..I change this in the winter months..then I use 1 small household fan to keep all the air moving..Hope this helps ya out..:D
  5. dont use partical board cause it holds to much mostuire
  6. find an old cabinet an convert it into a growbox using a two chambers 1 for veg. 1 for flowering ,hps and metal halide work best for growing

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