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Discussion in 'General' started by PeaceToker420, Aug 10, 2011.

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    Whats up GrassCity? Im back now on a different account because i forgot my username/email for my old one... :devious:

    Anyways, Im really interested in starting an indoor grow for the first time and really need a grow box. I've looked online and saw some that are retarded-ly priced but they would easily pay themselves off... Im turning to YOU the city to help me in either constructing a viable grow box that MUST LOCK! or purchase one.

    I tried using the search but i had no success in finding previous threads of grow box guides but i know there out there. (i must be doing something wrong) Regardless post suggestions/experiences/grow box ideas (and cost of them) etc... etc... etc...

    Thanks GC :gc_rocks:

    EDIT: Also stealth is of some importance, but FOR SURE i cant have my room or closet wreaking of GANJA (though the smell is heavenly)

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