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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dirtystall, May 9, 2006.

  1. hello people,

    i now have 10 K2 10 DBxSK and a bazillion dank hermie seeds.
    im moving into an apartment in a months time. my first thoughts were a closet grow with a 400watt hps and a MH conversion bulb, if i try and do a perpetual harvest with one box 250watt hps, another with as manyy Compact fluro's as i can, and possibly another box with a cheap hps or more compacts, then i could put males and females together and bud them like they want too. im sure i will skimp on a few things untill i really get more money rolling in, but that would be the ultimate setup for me in my opinion, any one have a 2 box method or something like this?

    massive clonege will take place as well, i would like to be able to harvest every 2 months, so maybe two full grown plants go into the bloom box, then a few weeks later put two more in?

    sorry everyone for asking so much at the moment with no wonderfull pictures, ive read as much as i can and would just like opinions. i will not have a computer when i move, so i have to remember everything.

  2. Just wondering, but how many rooms does that appartment of yours have?
    Sounds to me like you should dedicate at least one room.
    With all those Watts in a single room, you should ventilate the room as well.

    And that breeding box better be really really airtight!

    With so many plants sounds to me you are opening up a shop soon.
    I don't wanna know about it, and neither do other people on this forum.
    Don't ask us how to make a money making machine for you....
  3. sorry to dissapoint. but this is personal use only, if people want to chill and smoke so be it, none if this herb will leave the house. this will be one room, im talking nightstand size or small store bought cabinet from walmart.

    i calculated how much i smoke.

    gram a day
    7 grams a week
    roughly over an ounce a month

    so i would like to harvest 2 ounces every 2 months. im growing because i love smoking. i lived in california for a while and learned what real herb is like. im tired of paying 50 for 3.5 just because i care about quality. i have grown before and i have to say i love it. nothing more rewarding i know of.

  4. No dissappointment here friend.
    Personally it's actually good to hear your not in it for the money, but for Mary Jane's love:love: , as do I.

    I was thinking more like this :

    0.5-1 gram per Watt for noob to average joe grower right?
    Thats 200-400 grams per 2 months with a 400W HPS.

    So at worst you get 200 grams, about 6 ounce, for two months, more then 3 grams a day dude!!!!!:hippie:

    Also, that after the money starts rolling in remark, I figured you'd scale up for massive cloning as you said. Massive implies dozens of plants or more right?

    Most out-of-love-for-mary-jane growers use only 1 box, maybe 2. But you said 3!:D
  5. yes indeed, sorry about that. i really just want to experiment and make some genetics i can call my own, thats how the breeding box started. most people dont breed plants because they only have room for females under there hps. so yea.

  6. Sounds like you have ambition and some plans so thats good.
    I really hope you can breed your own mary jane for that would be awesome.
    (one of my dreams too)

    But still, I'd hate to be your neighbour, if you are growing males on purpose!:D

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