Grow Box Air Filtration

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  1. I am converting a non working mini Fridge into a stealth grow setup. I am in the beginning planning stages and haven't actually began to build yet. I was wanting to build a filtration system that would be mounted to the back ( or top haven't decided yet). I was looking into using two - four small hurricane axial 3.25 inch fans to circulate my air into my filtration system. Are there any tips on how to construct an activated carbon air box that can be mounted to the back of the fridge? I was considering making a unit that would cover the same area as the back of the fridge but almost be multi staged filtration system. I am no engineer however lol. Are my ideas too far fetched? Does anyone have any ideas to add to mine? I have briefly researched how inline filters work, but I guess i am still not to full understanding of how they actually need to work if that makes sense. Go easy on me I am a beginner!

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  2. The fact of the matter is, there is no DIY that compares to a machine made activated charcoal. Even the smallest hole will be exploited and made wider by air flow. 
    CanFan Filters. Worth every penny.
  3. I'm doing this to a 60 inch closeable lockable wooden white clothes rack w these fans. Same right. Great air movement if thats really 235cfm. I'll get 3 for my box one pulling in. 2 on top out.. Might not need to scrub Screenshot_2017-12-02-09-55-14.png Screenshot_2017-12-02-09-58-15.png

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