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    Hi everyone. I have a storage room that I would like to use as a grow area. It is connected to the attic and does not receive air conditioning, but is well ventilated.

    My problem is that I would like to grow 5 plants. However, I only have a 5x5 (25 sq. ft.) area to grow. I would like to light this area with a 600w HPS light (75,000 lumens), which is 3,000 lumens per sq. ft. of grow area. So 5 sq. ft. and 15,000 lumens of light per plant. I will have one intake inline fan at a low height and another inline fan for an exhaust at a high point on the opposite side.

    I may add in some extras such as an ozone generator, carbon filter, dehumidifier, etc.

    Please let me know what your thoughts are :)
  2. gonna have to be a big intake and outlet for a HPS system.
  3. Ummm okay...well I'm open for suggestions. If HPS isn't the way to go for a small space like that, then what should I use? I just know that HPS is the most efficient light.

    Can anyone suggest a better alternative?
  4. 600w hps in a 5 by 5 is fine just get lots of venilation in the room......i have a 1000w in a 4by 4 box... i have to run tons of fans and an ac machine but think of the yield....
    but knowing a little more now...i should have put a 600w in my box they run alittle colder and you can get them closer to the plants...... air flo baby air flo..

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