grow area found and destroyed! Pissed off!

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  1. K well first of all I dont live in one of the thirteen approved states, I spent about 8 hours building a grow box and then some when I had to worry about temperature, I bought all sorts of lights, spent like 150 bucks on the power strips, CFL bulbs, adapters, y sockets, 2 fans, fox farm nutrients

    anyways my partner and I were out finding a spot to transplant outdoors we had some beers we were gone for 2 hours, she returned home and called me saying her ex husband broke into her house went into her room, stole 3 of my CFL lights, completely threw my cloaning gel all over the bedroom and ripped out my 5 day old sprouts and left the water melon and tomatos

    .....Ive never had this shit happen

    today we got all the grow shit out of her house and into mine, and she is calling the courts to get a restraining order,

    in this situation what should I do? I immediatly reacted like I need to go to his house and either beat the shit out of him with a baseball bat or wait till he is not home and steal some of his shit. But I figure that will just fuck me in the long wrong, what would you growers do in this situation?

    Ive already got locks Im putting on her house tomorrow so this asshole cant be getting in no more, but her 11 year old daughter was home and I was told he was screaming and yelling demaning to get in, so he scared her daughter to the point where she let him in, he kicked in her bedroom door because it was locked, she came home to a broken bedroom door and histericle children :(, I want to get this fucker!
  2. Id be careful on how you react dont let your emotions get the best of you. First i wouldnt grow around an 11 year old.. second dont retaliate like that way its a good way to end your ass in jail. Act with a calm cool head. If i were in your shoes id get the set up in your place get everything out of hers let her get the restraining order and be done with it. Why jeopardize yourself to retaliate? Karmas a bitch, he'll get his. But goodluck
  3. move the plants to your house and never speak of any of it. put the plants into hiding in a sense. if shes taking it to court he can be like she had weed. if nots not in her house she can call bullshit on the allegation and get him for home invasion or something.
  4. He did what to the 11 year old? That bastard, yeah something along those lines will put that fuckjob where he belongs...
  5. Move everything out. Study his moves for a month orf two. Plan your attack. And you and your partner handle buisness. Don't let this shit ride. For real. But be smart about it.
  6. If you really want to let him know shit got real find out where he lives get a bullet from the streets. Put it standing up in front of his door, knock and leave.
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    sorry to hear that dude just don't end up in jail whatever you do plan and be smart

    personally i would have the same reaction you are having but here is the thing if you do get a restraining order , depending on what state your in they usually need to have multiple violations to do any real jail time. Plus you got ask yourself how much involvement you really want with law enforcement if your gonna be growing. After what he did he deserves a ass whoopin big time, but i think you gotta go restraining order legal way , or ass whoopin i think some of both is probably gonna blow up in your face....

    so think it over when you have cooled down a bit....sorry your in this situation and he is a piece of shit
  8. I would be really carefull about involving law enforcement or the courts if the 11 year old was left at home alone for any amount of time. Second I would go get some tomato seeds and start some tomato plants just in case anyone asks and just say you two wanted to get an early start on an outdoor tomato garden. Tomato seedlings look just like seedling pot plants.
  9. Wonder why he wanted 3 cfl's?
  10. If you have any balls whatsoever you'd grab a Louisville and swing for the fences. Seriously, he disrespected your woman, traumatized her child and fucked with your stuff. What's next? He already broke into her house and didn't care about the kid. He could sexually assault her/her daughter god forbid or torch her house. A fucking piece of paper from the court saying he can't come within a certain distance of her isn't going to stop an obviously emotionally unstable person.

    tl;dr sack up.
  11. This threads all geed out
  12. k well she ended up getting the restraining order in motion, I already have 3 watermelon sprouts and 1 tomato sprout, I dont know what he did with the Pot sprout, but he has a long history of charges I would hope police dont find him credible. Im living with my parents I am just going to grow and and keep them next to the legal sprouts and find a outdoor spot to transplant when they get obvious. Im really pissed still but its really only 20 dollars of shit, her ex has no idea who I am or what I look like, and I dont know who this guy is or what he looks like, but im sure we all can agree that it cant happen again.
    I dont beleive he did anything abusive to the 11 year old he just yells and has temper tantrums, throws shit and acts like a child, he has a new wife and is still pursuing my partner.

    I did tell her to get a gun, keep the house squeeky clean and if he ever invades her house again to shoot him in the fucking legs, were going to the hardware store tomorrow, being in Utah you can buy a gun pretty much anywhere and the waiting period is from 2 hours to a day and a half
  13. shoot that ****** just for breakin in
  14. ah wtf it censors me!
  15. dont know the law there but make sure hes in the house if she does
  16. find out exactly what law enforcement requires for documenting violations of restraining orders and get that loser locked up if he comes back in California its only 2 violations of a restraining order dunno about any other states though good luck man
  17. Sorry to hear about all this drama. Sucks man. However I have to sort of laugh at all the responoses in this thread. You can see both foundations of the human beings thought process going. On one hand you have those saying to think smart, dont retalliate, and just stay out of trouble. Then you have the instinctual thinkers. Instinct says "rggghh grunt grunt, fucked up my weed? AHHHHHHH" *baseball bat to the face*. (not to say that im compairing those that responded with a violent solution to cavemen. Since we all at least think of the instincual choice at some point in time). I just find it funny to see the two sides go back and forth. It might just be that I am really really baked. Anywho, I am going to go with the let it ride and let the legal system do it's job. Because im feeling non-violent today. Tomorrow you might have to beat him up though :p

    Good luck to you in getting your grow back up and running man.


  18. Saw off both of his arms, cut the circulation off with tying rope, salt them, and tie him to a tree in the woods.
  19. ^ Make sure theres wolfs in the area to finish the job
  20. Wolves would be way too fast, a raccoon would be ideal, maybe even a rabid squirrel hehe! Seriously though its good she got a restraining order but I doubt that will stop him. Time to man up and go tell him he needs to watcher....

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