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  1. Well i smuggled about... 20 or so seeds into my home state. I have about 5k of acres in the countryside of Alabama. I was wondering what are the chances of me coming back this summer. A whole year later and there being at least one plant. Standing tall.
    I planted them all each seed like at least 4 feet apart on a hill, mostly in sunlight but surrounded by like oak trees. Do dear eat them often? Also i was wondering if the seeds inherit there fore-fathers moods. I mean can ultra-violet seeds even grow outdoors? Ask any questions you like i'm new here
  2. If I read correctly, your hoping to plant them, NOW? and harvest them NEXT summer???
    Sorry it does not work that way. Planting season: April-June / Harvest season: Late August-Mid October (depending on strain)
  3. No, i planted them last summer when your supposed to plant them.
  4. I'm no expert but I think the chances are decent.

    Mainly they are a factor of:

    1) How many of them successfully germinated and grew? If you planted 20, hopefully a shitload.

    2) Did they all mature and was there any sexual reproduction (requires males and females)? This would be a function of the weather, water, sun, soil, etc etc.

    3) If 2) happened, they likely dropped some more seeds which hopefully grew in spring 09

    4) If 3) happened they should be flowering right about now, although you will probably have seeds in your buds since you have males and females

    Given all the other factors: people, weather, animals, etc., I'd say there is a 34% chance you've got something there, and would definitely go check.

    But like I said I'm a rook.
  5. Cnote basically said it all, really just not high probabilities of any of those seeds reproducing and creating another plant. How close together did you plant them?
  6. DUDE your the guy that was smuggling seeds into his state!!:eek: I saw you on the news man there after you. Wow you have lots of homework to do before you start growing... You really wont achieve anything this year besides wasting perfectly good seeds that you could/ve used next season. Good Luck and get to studyin:wave:

  7. Double check your math brojam i got a survival rate of 1.29% repeating of course

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