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  1. Well this outdoor grow season is coming to an end(Hope you all did well) And i am already planning my own crop for next year. I have never grow before but ive had vegtable gardens in the past. I have a bit of common sence and i take advice from others. Let me know what you think.
    The garden will be in a secluded spot near a creek, about 3 feet above the creek. The area is actualy a island in the middle of a the creek. Currently the hight of the vegetation on the island is 5 feet! There are no trees nearby to block out the sun. by the way i live in upstate ny.
    The seeds will be purchased from I am planning on buying 4 different strains. hollands hope, purple power, mango, and master kush. I figure out of 40 seeds i will end up with 15-20 healthy females.
    For the soil i plan on digging up the existing soil and filling it in with some 40 pound bags of potting soil,peat moss, and compost. I plan on starting the seeds outdoor in one of those plastic seed starting kits(the mini greenhouse thingys) I want to start the seeds outdoors so they will be aclimated to the tempurature. After the plants have a few leaves on them i would transplant them to there final location. No buckets. Ive heard it is actualy benefitial to keep the plants in bucket during some of the vegetive stage but im not lugging 20 buckets back there.
    After a few weeks i plan on feeding them some miricle grow. Both in there water and sprayed on there leaves. I would spray pestisides after every rainfall(of course only during the vegative stage) and water when the soil feels dry.
    So basicaly thats it. What do ya think? Will i have a killer crop with pounds of hay or will it be waste of money? The only conserns i had was with soil drainage. But hopfully it wont be a problem.
  2. Thought of afew things.

    Does the creek Island get enough sun? (Which it sounds like it does because of the other vegetation).

    What if the Creek floods?

    I'd go with some Organic fertilizer not Miracle Grow. I like Fox Farm.
  3. Ya Ive thought about the creek flooding but I dont belive the water would get that high. And hopfully if it did flood it would be in early spring from snow melt. There seems to be alot of plants on the island rite now so it probly doesent flood often.

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