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  1. hows it goin GC
    im planning a grow at my cottage next year which requires me to move there. So im goin up next april to start it off. i have a few concerns which i will address in due course but for now im wondering about how the hydro will look. First, nobody usually goes there until august, and i plan on goin up in april. and even if my parents tell the hydro company that i will be living there, how can i possibly pass off 8 1000w hps lights and 1 600w hps light. am i fuked or wat?
    any input on the situation would be greatly appreciated

  2. I live in Ontario too and we do 10 or 20 1000w and get away with it all the time the hydro aint really shit its just the smell and shit really. In my travels as long as you keep up with the bills and dont let them go from lets say 1000 dollars down too like 150 and shit then you pretty much always get away with it. Another question why would you even grow indoors if you were worried about it may 24 to june 10th is perfect for outdoor just throw a couple trays out in good soil in the ground and youll be groovin. Another thing you can do but not advised due to consequence is steal only the hydro you use for the plants but if you get caught doing that its federal and they will fuck your ass hard. Theres my advice
  3. im doin an outdoor grow at my cottage also, goina try for fifty plants but its to early to tell how many clones ill get from my mothers, considering there not goin to be started until january.
    Thanks for the advise but i dont think ill be stealing hydro any time soon.
  4. Dealing with live wires is not something you want to do on your own.


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