Group chat tonight....???

Discussion in 'General' started by E~Man, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. I was just wondering guys, maybe just to do it.. maybe at mid-night tonight, would anyone be interested in blazing up, then starting a group chat on yahoo after we are high, and jsut talk online... would that be cool? I mean if anyone can do that, then I'm down tonight...:smoking:
  2. good idea but dont use the gc name or say you are affiliated with it
  3. lol?> why not/.

    and i got work
  4. because gc has a strict policy about not being a part of online chat rooms.

    so if you want to get people together to talk i guess thats fine but you just cant use gc or grasscity or anything affiliated with gc.

  5. what about everyone posting there MSN names then we all have a huge convo with it?
  6. cuz some of us dont want random im's.
  7. well if you don't then dont sign up for it.

    and after you can delete everyone.

    it was just a idea to help the other guy get around some issues.
  8. I would be down. i only have aim though :(
  9. same here
  10. i have aim and yahoo
  11. Well, hows this going to go down... yahoo? AIM? MSN?
  12. when i first saw this i thought it was stupid...but now i'm bored how's this going down i have aim only but i'll download yahoo messenger
  13. most peeps have aim... lets jus do it through that
  14. i want to get in on one of these chats, but i dont use Yahoo or AIM
  15. then your old ass better download one :smoke:
  16. i got all three just shoot me a pm on how to get to it.
  17. come on ppl 11:59 hows this hole thing working????
  18. i use aim.. what time? midnight? lets see.. its 9.18 here and this page at the bottom tells me its 4.55 gmt +1... that leaves me kinda clueless as to when this chat is supposed to happen.. but i got a j i rolled for the chat!! so when is it?
  19. well it's 11:30 here...did everybody like me forget about the time differences? i say we reschedule for tommorrow night and have it more organized haha
  20. i'm down. PM me whoever is scheduling this and I have yahoo, msn, and aim

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