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Grounded At 18

Discussion in 'General' started by MIA YaYo 305, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. i was grounded on my 18th bday (look up this thread to see why>>>PIGS FOUND OUR WEED)

    its been 2 weeks and now im getting really really annoyed by it so ive been putting up one hell of a fight all day

    and i was wondering


    my next step is either ignore being grounded or ill say that i will move out

    so heres the text messages me and my dad were sending to each other
    right now hes in georgia hunting deers and i called him earlier asking if i can go out and he said NO w/o even hesitating

    ME: "Are u not aware that im 18 and not 15 im old enough to make lifer alternating decisions so im entitled to my freedom i am a legal adult"

    DAD: "Than why dont u act like one"

    ME: "I have been your just never there to see it and treating me like a child has only been holding me back"

    DAD: "Smoke pot. u would of gone 2 jail if they treated u like an adult"

    ME: "They were crooked corrupt ass cops who searched my friend illegally by putting his hand in his pocket which is y they"

    ME: "He COULD NOT have charged us cuz all the lawyer has 2 say is that they searched my client illegally without his consent and POOF case will be over thrown"

    DAD: "That is NOT the point now is it"

    ME: "Whatever the point is we all do things we are not proud of"

    DAD:"So go tell your mother u r sorry and it will never happen again. so w e can begin to trust u again...."

    so i called my mom who at the mall and told her that i convinced dad i can go out (atleast i assumed)
    she was like ok but b4 u go fix go to either the dealership or shop and fix ur taillight and headlight

    30 mins later

    MOM: "Carlos says u cannot go out"

    ME: "Whys mom telling me that your still saying no y are u being so irrational how can i be an adult with parents interfering with my life/choices ur only pulling me bak

    DAD: "Im hunting now i will call u later!!"

    (i send this last text to both parents)

    ME: "If it means to move out and live under another roof to be entitled to my own freedom than so be it, i know alot of rational friends and family that will support me"

    ME: "Another words either you let me be or i will move out its your call"

    i might sound like an ass but im really fed up being grounded... i cant take it anymore.... i even told them if i have spend one more day in this fucking house ur gonna have to take to a mental hospital

    so i they said i can go out 2day but i cant take out my car so either someone picks u up or we'll give u the ride
  2. theres no laws regarding whether or not they can ground you

    but you live in there house, so if you want to leave you can do so freely, just dont expect to be able to come back because they can LEGALLY not let you back now that your 18
  3. Lol. Get a job and move out. You bum.
  4. i feel you but think about this shit. your running away from your parents over some bullshit. yea you talked to em but not how you shoulda. take them out to dinner one night. that way they have to listen to you and just start talking about the whole situation going over blah blah whatever you need to get off your chest. if their still crazy ass psycho parents then move out knowing you atleast gave it one really good shot.

    family and friends is all we really have if you break life down. me personally i couldnt live without mine.
  5. Save up, move out. Thats total bullshit. I havnt been grounded since I was 8 years old.
    Theres no way in hell I would listen if my dad said I was grounded, haha.

  6. I remember things similar to this. Not good times... They will pass, one way or another. But like everyone else has said, the law doesnt say anythign about rules your parents can or can not enforce inside their house. If you are 18, you do have the option to move out and live on your own. That was my intention soo as I turned 18 as well, but there's so many bills and whatnot, I don't know if I would have been able to do it then. I figured appartment $700/month (util. included), renters insurance $100/month, food $250/month, gas $100/month, Cell Bill $50/month, Car Payment $300/month, internet $50/month.... (like over $1,550.00 a month)... :( Thes costs of living on your own add up really quick.. Try working it out with them for the time being, you are living in their house, so do put thought to considering their rules. Sooner than you expect you will be out of the house, on your own, and your parrents will become more of your friends at that point in time. Hang in there man. Just make sure you think about possible outcomes before you set yourself on a solid track for a distinct plan. My best wishes for ya, I feel ya though, some times it'd be so nice if people would just piss off and leave you alone..

  7. Try this on for size....

    At least you have a parent that cares enought to try and help you stay out of trouble.

    Remember, just because you want it legal, it just isn't yet....which sucks.

    They also pay to keep you housed. Do you pay rent? If you paid rent, I would never ground you, but if you don't....well, its their house. However, grounding isn't right and learned that it does not work for some people or cases.

    Good luck. :D

  8. They don't have the legal right to ground you, but they do have the legal right to kick you out. If you're going to live with your parents, you have to give them some respect. If you can't, it's time to move out on your own.
  9. they dont want 2 let me go cuz im still in high school (senior)

    "so they were like fine go out and smoke your weed with ur corrupt friends and go fuck up ur life worst than it already is"

    ok they DIDNT say that but they like fine u can go out but no car :(
    so either u get picked up or we drop u off
    but im satisfied i just hope its no car forever and beside i really didnt wanna drive (ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT) cuz i dont wanna risk the chance of getting pulled again and getting busted again

  10. why did you quote and bold it if they didnt say it?
  11. Late birthdays stink don't they? Turn 18 and still in school. OUCH

    However, again, you need to respect the authorit..tie. I'm a parent. Heck, raised 9 of them and was glad when the last one left. Remember, its the parents money that gives you a place to stay, you need to understand and respect that.

    The parents who said that children enrich their lives were lying. Enrich???? No, they drain the rich and make you poor as hell.

    18 is a very hard age and you are learning so much. But learn this....those parents love you and when you are 25 you are going to wish you respected their wishes gracefully.

    Also, if your really good, most parents get un - mad in a month, if you have been nice, kind, considerate and helpful.
  12. If theres one thing ive learned is that friends are friends while family is family. You can always make new friends, u only got one fam. Also its not that bad staying home, its a way of preventing the stupid shit u would do with your homies.
  13. Lets see, back when i was still in the old house. My parents where pretty forward with their opinions. and i quote "obey our rules, or get out." so i put out that last joint and finished school, got a second job and moved.

    They fed me, clothed me, put a roof over my head and taught me most of my greater values. It saddens me that i have to part with them some day.
  14. so as a mother whats your opinion about weed??
    what would u think of your kids if u found out they smoked weed??

    are u kidding me everyone cant wait to turn 18 even if your still a senior the earlier u turn 18 and still in school the better

    i am really thankful for what my parents do for me they gave me all i can ask for
    i hear from alot of ppl how well i have it made cuz of my parents

    BUT they have always treated me like a baby cuz im the youngest of 2 older brothers who still lives with us (22 and 24) which is why they wouldnt let me go 1st and its very expensive to live in miami (real estate here is crazy)

    they were kinda of strict up until the point when i got my car... thats when i would go almost every day and i would come back at around 2 or 3 on the weekends really high or drunk or on something

    i had to lie to them ALOT cuz there are places they wouldnt let me go such as going to the beach(at night), downtown, clubs, the gorve, and bunch of other places so i had to lie to them just about every time and im not allowed to have anyone in my car but since i drive a 4runner it was most convenient for all my friends cuz we all fit so i had to lie about that 2

    sometimes i would be really blasted and they would call me (it would have been a buzz kill) and i didnt pick up and i would make excuses to why i didnt pick up so since than i would text them and update them to where i was going so they would leave me alone

    (there were good amount times when i didnt pick up their calls so i think they were suspicious)

    before getting caught they were really suspicious cuz they confronted me about some shit

    so after a year of getting away with murder it all blew up in my face and i got busted

    i also have a feeling that my parents did some drug cuz they graduated in 79 in miami
    miami in the late 70s and early 80s was a time of corrupt cops on a large scale, drug wars, and alot of drugs especially cocaine coming into miami at that time

    and 2 of their friends admitted of there past cocaine addictions to me
  15. If you live in their house, you'll follow they're rules, that's just the way it works. :p
  16. What do you mean legally ground you?

    heres the scoop.

    Your an adult.

    You live with your parents.

    Your parents provide your sustainance (food, shelter)

    If you do not like your parents rules, you do not have to follow them.

    however, I suggest you do. If you don't do what they say, they might kick you out of the house.

    Just move out mate. Its not that bad.
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  18. If I was in your position I would just move out. I'd rather be homeless than be treated like I was 12. You could always join the Army, you don't have to join a combat unit, you could be a mechanic or a plumber or something. And I think they pay for your living expenses too but I'm not sure.
  19. to quote good ol ron burgandy...'this is bush league'
  20. :wave:Here is my opinon about weed. Obviously I use it for medical puposes, however if your under 18 don't do it in my home. It isn't legal for them and I keep the lines drawn. I do not intake around my children still and pretty much keep it to myself...which by the way is the law in this state.

    I'm not doing the "do what I say and not what I do" either. I use it for medical reasons...very real, very bad and horrible reasons.

    Smart people don't take it to airports, federal and state court offices, or police stations. You don't do it in front of your children no matter how old they are and you dont ever ever sell it for profit. Thats the law and I follow the law.

    As for recreation, I really have no problem with responsible adults enjoying what they should have enjoyed for the past 200+ years.

    Look at Holland....peaceful little Holland...doesn't bother anyone......no crime.....whats legal? Pot and hookers.....thats a wake up call. Maybe if we feed our enjoyment we won't be so frustrated and look for "bad" enjoyment????

    I love Holland......I almost would move there but I need hot, dry and no humidity. Which.....sucks.


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