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ground up or buds? shaken or stirred

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by guitarplayr_123, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. seriously does it matter if you do not break up your buds. obviously you would grind the less expensive weed for seeds but does it matter if you break the bud up into small chunks or just stuff a fat ass nug in?

  2. I prefer grinding. I feel it smokes smoother, because it smokes more evenly. There is more surface area to burn on ground weed, so you get more at once, for a nice fat hit.

    Either way, you're getting high right?

    Spark a joint and enjoy,
  3. i guess it really depends on what your using to smoke. If your trying to roll that shit up, breaking it up into smaller pieces might be easier huh?
  4. #4 Ganja.Bus, Jun 5, 2009
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    I use a bowl and if I grind it up the ash might fall down and go into my mouth. Not pleasant.

    And yeah, I don't use a big bud. I would normally break it up a bit but not grind it.
  5. I like buying me weed in big nugs, not broken up, so you can see the crystals and see how dank it is. Once I get it, I break off as much as I'm gonna smoke, and put it through the grinder.
  6. I use the grinder before packing or rolling anything. I think it burns a lot smoother that way.

    Would I buy ground up bud though? No.

    Never put a big bud in your bowl without breaking it up, that's kinda stupid.
  7. after reading that people just toss in nugs on here, i gave it a try once.

    i felt like it wasn't burning very well because as the flame got pulled down over the nug it looked like it kind of just dodged around the bud (bad airflow through a chunk of bud) and burned the outsides. didn't get as big of a hit.

    and besides, when you break up some nug with your hands, you really feel like you get to know the weed before you smoke it. i dunno. i guess it is just part of the 'ritual' i have done my entire smoking career and i felt kind of naked without it.

  8. k then back it up. why would it be so bad for me to put a whole nug in a bowl?!?! (i dont i just use like 3 or 4 smaller nugs to fill it) i like it in between seriously. i think it kinda makes the diff between bigger rips
  9. i usually put one little nug on the bottom and top it off with ground up. hits quite well if i do say so myself

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