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Grossest firecrackers in the history of ever

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by xMegadethx, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. So, I found three firecrackers (peanut butter on bread, so not true fire crackers) that I had made after several drinks saturday night. I strongly advise not making edibles while under the influence of the drinky-drink. I had some mild success in cooking some abv into peanut butter plus a dash of olive oil for the fat with decent results. I thought those tasted bad. I keep my stems and abv in the same jar (a habit im going to change) and had recently ground up some stems in my grinder for the kief, but it wasnt very fine at all. Apparently what I did was just dump the whole jar, stems and all, into the peanut butter. I also think I added an ungodly amount of olive oil to this batch and cooked for 25 mins at 325 F. The results were not pretty. Im eating one now and i try not to chew because i feel the stems and immediately gag. It's gross to say the least. I have three of these but im eating the one with the most peanut butter-abv-stem mix on it. I dont want to waste all three so im giving one a shot to see if its worth it.

    I made firecrackers on bread with way too much olive oil, poorly ground stems, and some dark brown/black abv. its GROSS
  2. yeah firecrackers are pretty gross lol. i think the best combo i've tried is honey graham crackers, smuckers natural peanut butter (oily as hell, i had to buy it when i first saw it, there was a thick layer of oil on top of the butter in the jar) and fresh dank. also, make more crackers with less bud on each. doesnt seem like it would help that much but it does

    also drinking milk helps down it more than any other drink in the world

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