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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Hausen, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. Ok, It was around 12`oclock saturday afternoon. I went over to my friends house and he packed me a rimmer of some orange kush, so he says. Anyways i take a fat rip and clear it. I start coughing my lungs out literally like brown shit coming out for like 20 minutes then i felt sick and just layed on the couch. I kept feeling like i was falling and kept getting really scared. I started to puke a ton of shit out. Then after that i went to sleep. When i woke up i had a fattt headache and it didnt go away until about 8 oclock that nite.

    Could some 1 explain wtf went wrong? Why did the herb make me feel this way?
  2. could be laced?
  3. But it wasnt.
  4. Sound like a "Whitey" Kush is some good shit, I think you got to stoned.
    Im pretty sure you made yourself puke by coughing to much/hard. The headache may have also been due to the coughing.

    How long have you smoked? how often?
  5. Ive smoked for 3 years, but i quit for 100 days, and that was my first day back. And even my friends that are veteran smokers say that bong hits way hard, so me not smoking for 100 days and then coming back and smoking dank herb out of a harsh bong. Doesnt mix.
  6. yeah...just smoked too much and couching caused you to get happened to a friend once at his birthday party.
  7. I've gagged and almost puked a few times after hitting gravity bongs, and yes, a massive headache followed each time. Also, a friend of mine has a difficult time smoking without gagging.. it happens to her daily. It isn't just weed either.. a large drag off a cigarette can have the same effect. I think it happens when your lungs can't handle a really large amount of smoke (she's a tiny girl.. small lung capacity, so it doesn't take much for her), and your body reacts in other ways to try and get rid of the invading substance.

    Sorry that happened to you, sounds horrible. But I think it's pretty normal.. Your body was just telling you to fuck off.

  8. hahaha, i like that...your body was telling you to fuck off.....sad but true....stab urself in the lungs and get transplants. :-D
  9. shit man.. for a bad experience that makes a 10

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