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  1. How many of you out there have the balls (or ovaries) to pick up someone working at a grocery store?

    I had them for a hot second today, lol, then they shriveled up and I failed.. I go to this Giant a good bit. I catch a few starers, but there was one girl who, in the words of my boss, would rape me if it were legal..

    I never had the balls to just walk up to someone who is at work, with customers, and ask them out.. After a few weeks of going in there and getting eye fucked, I decided to hop in her line with an apple and a pear..

    She was trying so hard to be nice, like a lil bit too hard. We were chatting, I was making her giggle and laugh. Talked about doing stuff outside like hiking and kayaking..

    Then some dick jumps in the line and puts his fucking jug of cheap fruit punch on the roller belt, like slams it down. Startled me cuz I had one of those slightly paranoid highs going on..

    It was like a judge's gavel slamming down saying "no".. I just froze up and was like "It was nice talking to you, take care". And left... Fucking embarrassing..

    I don't know when, but I am going back in there and going to do this shit.. I used to not be a fucking pussy. I was a charmer :cool: Like I was outgoing, fun, then drama happened, and more, then a lil more and I put myself in a funk for 4 years.. Now I am just coming back out of it and finding it rather difficult..
  2. Once a player, always a player. Take that to heart, pimp.
  3. Some dude poured salt on your game by putting his fruit punch on the roller belt?! Keep spitting your game bruh!! If that person has ever layed his mack down, he'll understand. If not, fuck him! You have to concentrate on you and not freeze up.

    Try again, with a case of good brews instead of fruits, and find out what she's doing after work. If it's going like you said it was, you got it!
  4. Lol, I'll get back into things I hope.. That funk fucked me up. Like now I run every single possible negative thing that could come out of this and makes me nervous, freaked out.. Best way to describe what's going on in my head, think of JD from Scrubs, only 100% negative and 1,000 times more day dreams.

    Buuuut, my point of posting was to see if you peoples have balls or not? Like would you be able to go up to someone of the opposite sex (maybe even same...) working in a store and hit on them? Only if no one else is around? I think that's how it is for me, can't have people around..
  5. dude i work at a grocery store and all i do is hit on sexy ass girls and MILF's. gotten 1 number when we were real slow and i was just talkin to her.
  6. i feel you man, just got outta my year funk (since the end of summer). Idk what the fuck it was...but im done. For good.

    Im back muthafuckas!

    and dude, I get you on the game in public thing, but hey....its the purpose of life aint it? Is procreating not relaly the only REAL purpose in life? Sure love, being happy, doing good....its all well and fun, but really, we're just suppose to fuck, die, and make room for other generations. Its what it is.

    So if you are feelin iffy about speaking in public...think about your situation LOGICALLY (this is what I do...sounds nerdy, but troof!), your a guy, she's a woman, there is nothing wrong with you looking like an idiot in public, trying to make something of your day.

    So if your gonna go for a chick, commit, and get it. Nobody's gonna judge if something goes wrong, at least you tried. Plus, we've all been there before.
  7. I hear you man. I have balls, but it took seeing what not having balls (missing out on opportunities) is compared to having balls (capitalizing on opportunities) to realize it.

    You ever see those jerks that mack on every chick walking around? Then you see them with some hot ass chick? It's like WTF are they doing that I'm not doing!? Well, those jerks just have balls and are trying all the time. A closed mouth doesn't get fed.

    If this girl is feeling you, guaranteed she is telling her girl friends after work how this guy she was feeling, left before you got her number and didn't put in more effort. She might even think it's cute by how nervous you got. In my experience though, you can only bail out so many times before you show true interest, before they get disinterested.

    Be yourself, spit some game, and say fuck you to all of the other people in line. They'll just get a long line surprise, the same way I get in a line and this old lady has to pay for $2.93 worth of shit with a fucking check! Fuck 'em, they'll be alright, but you get yours!
  8. it's really hard talking to a girl like a cashier at work. I've done it before and like you I had to leave because you can't jsut stand there and have a conversation with a lineup of costumers waiting and asking for her number or whatever in front of customers is hard to do.
  9. I've gotten a few numbers from the Taco Bell drive through except I'm the one working. I don't ask for them:cool:
  10. It's all good man. At least you got the guts to go up to a girl just like that and talk to her. From that, the only way is up, really. Wish i could say the same for me haha
  11. I don't always get bitches, but when i do, I use fruits
  12. That's what I'm talking bout.. :cool:

    My one friend said I should go in with a check cause they always ask for your phone number to write on it and be like "You can use that too" with a big ole winky face..
  13. I get the same way sometimes but i think the more you see her and small talk, you will build a relationship from that in itself. Dont try to hook up right away. Build off the small talk
  14. same exact shit going on at publix
    I've been in a rut cuz of my ex for about a year, but finally grew some balls and made my move I bought a 12 pack of doctor pepper and asked her to bring it out to the car for me (In a joking way of course don't let her actually carry it) she thought it was funny and walked with me to my car then I was straight up with her and said I think your pretty cute we should hang out sometimes
    Suprisingly it fucking worked I got her digits and a date on friday night not to mention the victory blunt afterwords was bomb just be cool bro it'll work out
  15. It is my dream to pick up a girl at a grocery store, bang and make an awesome meal with the groceries we bought... I would put all my perishables in the fridge... sexyyyy
  16. I hope that's not your last attempt. There's always another day. Dude, totally go for her. That's such a spontaneous way to meet, makes for a good story too.
  17. Been out of town all week, but I am taking my ass in there this week and asking her out.. I'm starting to get back to my former self and not giving a fuck, lol.
  18. I was a cashier for the past year and a half. Had a guy give me his number...several times, actually. I rang up the one dude's groceries, then walked away from the register and came back to a phone number written on the back of the receipt and the name "Norm" on it.

    The other time, this dude would come in every day and come in my line. He was really cool, actually. I woulda went for it if I didn't have a boyfriend. He gave me his number and told me to come by the restaurant he works at for a drink. I told him I might, but never did...I feel like a horrible person, but not as horrible as I'd feel if I'd chilled with him, without my boyfriend knowing about it.

    I a cashier at a grocery store, I'd totally go for a decent guy tryin to pick me up, if I was single.
  19. The guys who work at the staters by my house are all so cute! I just love seeing them in their uniforms and they are always nice and clean cut.

    One time when I was younger probably like 16 I was in stater brothers with my mom shopping and she dropped a liter of soda and (of course) it had to fucking but open and spill everywhere lol. So they called a guy to come clean it up and he was supper cute lol. He was trying to flirt with me even though my mom was right there lol. He ended up finding me later on in the store and gave me his number lol.

    But yeah I think you should go in there and go for it! you never know you guys could totally hit it off, and you wont know until you hit her up. and just be cool about it :)

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