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  1. I'm going grocery shopping today with a $100 budget. There's only three people in my family though, so I probably won't even spend it all.

    Anyway, I'm just asking for some ideas and opinions about what I should get. I'm not a vegetarian or super strict dieter, but I would appreciate healthy options.

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  2. This is a good thread I need to know this shit too im gonna be moving out and will need to buy all my groceries right now im buying most but suck at putting good meals together.
  3. Yeah, I feel you man. I moved out last year.. but I'm back with my parents in the summer and living in dorms when I'm away at college. I eat at the cafeteria during school, so usually I don't have to worry about groceries.. but my mom never goes shopping while I'm home lol. Hopefully someone will reply with some helpful ideas! And good luck to you dude

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  4. Waiting for answers...
  5. i usually hit up Aldi or the Farmers Market.
    other grocery chains around here usually sell GMO products and are way over priced.
  6. I ended up getting a good amount of food from Aldi. The prices were pretty reasonable and there seemed to be plenty of healthy options.

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    if having trouble coming up with what exactly to pick out, i find it helps to make a "menu" for the specified amount of days you're buying for.  i usually think of 3-4 dinners, 2-3 lunches, and 1-2 breakfasts that i'd like to have in a week or so.  then write out all the ingredients, cross out what i already have, and buy what's left.  i started doing this because i could never think of what to buy while i was at the store.  after doing it long enough to have some staple meals, shopping is kind of a habit now.
    i dont know what types of food you enjoy, but i went shopping yesterday and i got the following:
    orange juice
    cran grape and cran apple juice (buy one get one!)
    assorted frozen vegetables (publix had them for a buck a bag this week)
    green bell peppers
    frozen mixed fruit (gonna use for oats and occasionally eating straight up)
    black beans
    salmon fillet
    ground beef
    chicken breast
    chicken leg quarters (so cheap and useful i usually get a 5 lb pack since it's less than $10)
    some cheap steak cuts
    shredded cheese (monterey jack for quesadilla and other melting reasons, cheddar for eggs)
    jarred sauce
    boxed mac n cheese
    wedge of parmesan cheese
    lemon juice
    i had a few things at the house like onions, rice, eggs and other staples.  this cost me $120 and should last me ~2 weeks (more for certain items, and i dont always get certain luxury items like the almonds, parmesan, salmon).  basically, the way i think of it is that most dinnertime meals for me include 1 part protein, 1 part vegetable, 1 part starch.  breakfast and lunch are much more freeform, i can only say go with what you know you like.  also leftovers are a godsend for lunchtime.
    EDIT:  i should mention that i'm cooking for one, so my estimates for how long stuff lasts might be off, and i probably pay more per person than people buying for families. lots of food products are designed for multiple people so that gets annoying sometimes (especially when i forget to buy ziplock bags and cant break up a 5 lb package of chicken leg quarters... not sure what i'm going to do about that just yet)
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    Vegetables, meat/fish, things with fiber/carbs (bread, pasta, potatoes, etc.). Get a couple of things you like from those 3 categories for dinner for the week. It's always nice to have something like garlic, onions, peppers, olives, etc. for flavoring. But I usually just eat some vegetables, some potatoes and some meat all seperate on a plate.
    Other than that: snacks, fruit, breakfast/lunch food (eggs, bread, lunch meat, etc.), hygiene items and drinks. Also garbage bags. I always forget those because they're not really in any of those categories.

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