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Grit weed.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by J3553, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I think I've smoked an ounce of grit weed. After rubbing this weed in between my fingers, i would put my fingers up to a light and didn't notice anything that out of the ordinary. But when I went outside and checked my fingers in the bright natural light, I could see like 20-25 shimmering/shining bits on each of my finger tips that i rubbed the tiny bit of weed (like 0.02 grams) with. I haven't really experienced any symptoms other than random chest pains that last like 2 seconds and then go away. But these come randomly, not very often and could just be unrelated. I also rubbed some cut up weed along my arm and got pinhead sized cuts on my arm that did not bleed, but are still here 2 weeks later.

    I want to know if there are any serious health issues I could have caused with this.
  2. dude it sounds like you rubbed the weed in between your fingers and got THC crystals on your hands, that's what you were seeing in the light, lol.
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    But wouldn't the crystals get absorbed? That's what I've read. Please don't (do) tell me I'm still being a paranoid n00b... and what about the cuts on my arm?
  4. nope lol you're being a paranoid noob haha, i get crystal on my fingers all the time after rolling joints .
  5. After reading that post, I decided to thoroughly lick my fingers. They are still sparkling in the sun.

  6. And you're being a prick, sure trichomes could explain what was on his fingers, but not the cuts on his arm.
  7. maybe someone put fiberglass or glass or shattered pieces of crystals in your weed? But seriously I can't see anyone doing that. Where do you live and do you get your weed from a good source?
  8. Some dealers crush up glass and sprinkle it onto the plants before they cure them so that when they dry the leaves and bud will shrivel up, encompassing them to give them that "frosty" look. It's possible that it happened to you, but probability is low unless you bought from a dude you never bought from before
  9. So, I'm fairly sure it was fiberglass. I told my parents but they just seemed to think it wasn't a big deal. Should I go to the doctor's and ask for an X-ray/cat scan? If anyone has insight I would greatly appreciate it!
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    dood wtf. Sounds like you have chrystals on your fingers and your arm has scratches on it because you got itchy and scratched your shit. Why would you randomly have scratches on your arm? Why Were you rubbing the weed up and down your arm?

    Edit: Maybe the grower didn't properly flush the plant from the fertilizer and you are allergic to the fertilizer? There is VERY VERY low chance that there was fiberglass or glass in your weed. I just don't see that happening
  11. They aren't "scratches". The cuts look like someone stabbed me with a tack or needle, and appeared immediately after I rubbed my arm with ground weed.
  12. That's fucked up, don't go to the doctor unless you're coughing up blood, otherwise your O.K.
  13. you had glass in your weed . The shards cut your lungs and you are slowly bleeding , internally , to your death . Say your goodbyes , you have 127 seconds to live .
  14. dude you would know instantly if it was fiber glass when it cut your arm, shit itches like nothing youve ever felt.
  15. I'm sorry that I probably sound like a paranoid little kid, but I do appreciate you guys helping. About a week and a half ago, I was constantly waking up with blood in my phlegm and it would come up every time I would clear my throat. That lasted for about a week and when I went to see a doctor, they told me that it was probably a virus or something. But I didn't mention I thought my weed was laced because at the time I was convinced that I was just being paranoid about the grit weed. But since these cuts are still here, I got worried again... Hopefully it is just paranoia, But I do have a physical coming up so I think I'll wait till then.
  16. Ok so what is grit weed?
  17. You went to the doctor and didn't tell him the reason you went there?..
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    My understanding of it is weed that has been contaminated with bits of glass/fiberglass/sand/sugar/etc. You can google gritweed for examples.

    EDIT: I went because I was pulling blood from my throat, but I wasn't coughing up blood. My parents had convinced me that I was being paranoid. They checked my throat and said it was fine and was probably a virus. Now I'm not sure what to think, so I came on here to see if anyone had any experience with gritweed.
  19. grit weed is pretty common in the uk, smoked it plenty of times when i didn't know any better and i'm fine....
  20. sorry, forgot to mention this, the best way to tell if its grit weed is rub it on a CD, if the CD scratches badly, you know its grit weed.

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