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grit weed pics included

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cocouktoker, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Just got this bud has a black ash when burned and the picture I took on my phone is a load if so called crystals reflecting in the light.

  2. #2 hippie4u, Nov 15, 2011
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  3. shake them onto the back of a cd and scrape them along. if it leaves stratches, it's grit weed.

    it can still be smoked but only in a bong.
  4. Damn son, i'd try and get rid of as much glass before even attempting smoking that, even through a bong.
  5. If it is grit weed dont smoke that shit man !
    It could be anything glass , cement ,etc not good stuff to inhale !

    Peace :0)
  6. It left tiny scratches on the back of a cd, won't smoke anymore of it if it's grit don't worry :)
  7. Anymore? how much did you smoke? I hope it was in a bong. That would be in you forever.
  8. the CD test sounds good. As far as the bud goes, If I wasnt so wary of it being sprayed then Id say it looks pretty nice.
  9. Good choice mate lol
  10. roll it into a joint with a loose roach and leave it at your dealers house. after that he should realise that shit like that does not fly.
  11. About .3 so not a lot and no not a bong :(
  12. Do crystals ever reflect like that in a camera flash?
  13. I thought grit weed was mostly broken up already? It may be just because I've never had or seen grit weed but those buds just look frosty. Wouldn't you be able to feel the grit in it if you took a little piece and smushed it in your fingers?
  14. The flashes look like the tric caps
  15. When you break it open, are there crystals all inside as well? Looks like it's fine to me, but I'm just some dude on the interwebs. Wouldn't crushed glass leave more than just tiny scratches on a cd?
  16. Photo shop!
  17. Just the hard black ash scared me aswell
  18. with a bong or bubbler (i would use part of a sock or t shirt as a filter if i was using a bubb, just to make sure) it should be safe
  19. It may not have been properly flushed or not cured right. :smoke:
  20. Don't have a bong or bubbler on got papers and a pipe, some bits of the bud sparkle in the light aswell and iv chewed parts of it and havnt felt like my teeth were breaking but that picture looked so strange with all those dots glistening so much

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