Grit weed, my encounter

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  1. So, the other day a good friend of mine comes over with a satchel of some very white BC Hashplant for me to check out. Now, I am not a huge fan of the chemy beasters, but I am always interested in checking any kind of nugs out. I took a few pictures and we chatted a bit before he left.

    Today I traded him something for a bag of it and inspected it closely. The bad was very small, even for abnormally dense BC nugs. It also had a sparkle to it and sometimes if held the right way a bunch of glitter like things could be seen. Knowing a good deal about nug, I instantly suspected foul play. I rubbed the nugs on my fingers, and them rubbed them together, which produced, you guessed it, a very gritty feeling.

    So, I cracked a couple open over a piece of slate and watched while a ton of chunks of what I assume to be glass fell out. Luckily for me I dont like BC and didnt smoke any. This crap is filled with glass. My assumption is that whoever grew it sprayed it down with water and glass bits to increase weight.

    Be careful what you buy, an even more careful what you smoke. There are a lot of D-Bags out there who only care about the money and could give a crap less about some random person who suffers because of their greed.

  2. sucks that it happened dude..nice catch tho, glad you didn't smoke that shit
  3. dam .. if thats really glass thats some shady shit
  4. that looks like some grit to me. that really sucks but ur lucky u didnt smoke any. warn ur friend too he shouldnt get that shit anymore, i would never trust that dealer again
  5. From a business mans perspective, I can understand spraying down nugs with water to increase weight, but not fucking bits of glass. That's just not right.

    From a pothead's perspective, my weed shant be sprayed down with nothing.
  6. i've been hearing that this grit shit is hitting some parts of canada now. Hopefully it stops before it gets popular with growers.

  7. Growers can only get away with what the people let them get away with.

    If people would quit buying low-quality or otherwise questionable bud... Anyone standing to make a profit would be in a position to supply quality material, or risk not making any profit at all.

    If we all make an effort to not stand for this sort of thing... I think it would do a great deal of benefit. :smoking:
  8. Yea, its messed up. I will buy from the guy again as it is a good friend of mine who always has quality buds (if you check my pictures there is some sour d in there i got from him) so its just a random thing. I did tell him to tell his guy, and so on, so whoever is doing it will find out that he has been caught and stop, hopefully.
  9. Just checked it out under a microscope, its glass, for sure.
  10. This is bad. shit like this just pisses me off so much. hopefully people are smart enough to notice this stuff going on and stop buying from dealers like this. it cant keep going on if people check their buds and refuse to buy from people who sell this shit.
  11. You're lucky you found that.. What do you think it might have done if you inhaled that shit?
  12. I've heard of something similar happening in the UK, dealers slipping in little bits of ground up lead. Think about.. lead poisoning.. ugh. Sometimes, the only thing that I find to be reliable in this world is people's greed.. Don't listen to me just ranting. :rolleyes:
  13. Well, if I had smoked the bag, probably nothing. But, there have been reports of people getting horrible lung infections, an of one person dying, but I do assume you have to smoke a good bit of it to have an serious problems.
  14. Man I'd unload a fuckin clip in the guy if someone ever did that to me
  15. honestly how can you tell man.. i really cant. i put a tiny piece in my mouth last night and it was kinda rough but i think it was just the weed. idk. does anyone know where its been? in the states?
  16. Im in Maine an it is here. Check out the pictures man.

    Also, try rubbing it on a CD and it will scratch the hell out of it. If I you can, compare it to something else.
  17. Jesus guys Ireland and england is infested with this shite, most dealers here are real dirt bags, my mate spent 6days in hospital from a lung infection from smoking grit weed,he nearly honestly died,his lungs and oesophagus were all torn up, this is more reasons to make it legal and safe for once!
  18. That's pretty damn scary to be honest.
  19. Seriously, how much weight could those specs of glass add? Maybe 1-2g in an ounce? It doesn't seem like good business to mess with your customers for so little profit. I'd probably jump someone if they hurt me with glass.

    I smell bacon somewhere along the supply chain. Or it was just intended to mess somebody up(snitches, etc) and the target sold it instead of smoking.
  20. A couple g's? No way man. Id say a little less then half the total weight. That bag I had looked like half an 8th, even accounting for BC's abnormally tight buds. When I broke the buds open, glass just fell out, like it was snowing.

    Its weights a whole lot more then most people assume, which equals a ton of profit for half the product.

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