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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by 450outlaw, May 12, 2010.

  1. I think this is the right forum, well I have some head-band grinded up in a little jar that i've been smoking, i also have buds of ak-47 and chemdog in bigger jars that have been sitting. I just got a grinder today so i was just going to grind all of my ak-47 and chemdog and put it in little jars like my headband, but every body i know grinds there buds when there going to smoke it is there a reason for it or is it just a habit?

  2. I grind up all of my weed, even my dank stuff. I actually just bought and ground up some white widow like 45 minutes ago lol. I do it because I like the my weed to be that fine, I also just like doing it as an activity, and it's fun collecting kief too. I know a lot of people who don't like to grind dank, but I hate it when my fingers get all sticky from breaking it up.
  3. i think it's fun grinding it :D.

    i thought maybe it kept the moisture better to keep it from drying out faster but my headband looks fine.
  4. break up the bud with ur fingers and if u fingers get all sticky and you u can see a fine layer of kief, thats what you aint gettin to smoke. When you grind up your buds you get all the trichromes and kief in the catcher which means you got the dank powder to smoke.
  5. but doesn't breaking it up with your fingers remove the trichomes?
  6. i finished grinding it all up i ended up with 3/4 of the jar of grinded chemdog, a full jar of grinded ak-47 w/ some buds left over, and still the 1/2 jar of headband. when i was putting them away in my closet i had my grinder on the floor i accidentally dropped the jar of left over buds of ak-47 hit right on the metal grinder and the jar smashed so i had to pick up my buds that were scattered throughout my closet. :(
  7. i don't grinde too much, only on mids and never on dank. fuck that! Scissers/tearing
  8. ya i re grinded the ak 3 times and it still isn't ground that well, the chemdog did nicely though.
  9. i grind all my bud.. i like to collect the kief. i grind up whatever i'm going to smoke in that sesh. I don't grind up more than I need usually
  10. You should grind your bud as you smoke it, it stays more potent in nug form
  11. yeah i was waiting for someone to actually answer his question lol.
    if you grind it up ahead of time more surface area is exposed to the air and it can dry out and get "stale" better to grind as you go along if you grind your weed.
  12. Dont grind it all up. Keep it in nugs. It will become very dry very soon. Just grind as much as your going to use, when your going to smoke.
  13. are you grinding your flowers and then storing them like that? not a good idea. you're better off leaving everything whole and only grinding what you want to smoke when you want to smoke it. otherwise your shit is going to dry out and lose it's taste
  14. Oh wow, well to late now. Its all in air tight jars though.
  15. doesn't really matter that it's jars, it's not really going to do much now that it's all basically shake. live and learn.
  16. I usually leave it in bud form until I'm actually about to smoke it. Why? It looks pretty. I have a 3 layer grinder with the screen, and If you put a nickel in the chamber with the screen bottom, grind your ganja, and shake, kief will be separated to the bottom below the screen. Give it a month or so, depending on how much you smoke, and you will have plentiful kief.

  17. hahaha that to!
  18. I have one with a kief screen, i got a pretty good amount i think.

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