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'Grinding' With Hands

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by youngspitta, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. I know that for most of you it seems weird for someone to not know how to pull apart weed but as a noob who has never seen it done, this question comes up. What am i looking for when pulling the bud apart, what should i get rid of, is it as simple as literally breaking smaller pieces and what should I pay close attention to?
  2. Just get rid of stems and seeds, if there are any
  3. I do this all the time, I'm too cheap to get a grinder.

    Depending on how much bud you buy at one time, it can effect the way you grind it.

    Make sure that you get rid of the stems when you are preparing to fill a bowl/pack a j. They are really obvious when you see one, it's just a stem. The other things you might have to watch out for is seeds. But I've only gotten a seed once out of the past half year. Other then that, make sure when you grind to not grind with both hands, as you will waste more weed, because the trichs and smaller parts get stuck to your fingers. Grab some of the weed, pull it off the stem, and then just squeeze it in between your thumb and index finger. Wash and repeat untill you feel like you've ground it up enough.
  4. The stem part is self explanatory but do the seeds look like a normal flower seed would or...?

  5. it comes down to common sense really. Just look at the tea bags next time you drink tea, do you see stems and seeds in there? no.

    same comes to weed, remember its the bud your smoking (which you probably know), so just as Afroman would say it "Pick out the seeds and stems"
  6. It'll be obvious. They look like seeds, and feel like them. If you aren't sure if its a seeds, try grinding it down further, if it stays in it's original form, or if its very difficult to grind with your fingers chances are it's a seed.

    But like I said they are rare, especially in smaller amounts of bud.
  7. Thank you for the detail :D, i guess I will just look up what seeds look like on google images or something.
  8. Screw that, keep the stems, a number of trichomes that have fallen or stuck to them. Use cizors or something, your fingers can absorb some of the active ingredients, scissors will not.
  9. Dude. The green leafy shit = good. The hard little seeds = bad. It'll be obvious what a seed is. It's a little ball looking thing, it's hard as hell.
  10. they look like tiny popcorn kernels
  11. I use my hands a lot too when I'm just loading a small bowl and I'm too lazy to grab the grinder. It happens. :p

    It's pretty easy though, just don't think too hard about it. Grab a little piece using as little contact as possible (I grab it with my fingernails cause I have lady nails ;)), tear it off in the opposite direction as the way it's growing, and stick it in your bowl. Repeat until you are all the way down to the stem, make sure to grab any little buds left on the stem, and then stick the stem away for safe-keeping.
    If you try to tear off a bud and it's too big, tear it up into smaller pieces. :smoking:

    Smoke your bowl.

    And when you have a shit ton of stems saved up, make QWISO. :D

    Those are my 3 cents. :smoke:
  12. Thanks to those who respectfully answered my questions, kindness goes a long ways :D.
  13. I put my bud into a ziploc baggy... and just rub it and break it down between my hands... using little scissors/knife if I need to...

    I've never tried it... but you could try a pepper grinder? dont know how well it would work.... but just put weed into the grinder, and grind into a bag? idk


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