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Grinding Vaporizer Bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by adambommb, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. how does everyone grind their bud for vaporizer use?
    do you grind your bud into powder or slightly less fine?
    whats the difference to you?

    personally i grind my bud to the point where its the size of metal BBs or slightly smaller, i find that it extends the amount of time I get to enjoy my bowl, it vapes the surface area, then when its time to stir its brittle and dry enough that it breaks down into smaller pieces, otherwise when i grind my bud into a powder and stir i end up getting tons of bud particles in my hits.
    smoke on:smoke:
  2. What kind of vape are you using?

    Sounds like you're over heating the vaporizer. With vaping the goal is not to burn the weed any. It shouldn't be crisp or make you inhale particles.

    When you're done vaping you should be able to put the weed into a bong and smoke it, or put it into edibles and get high a second time. You can also vape stems to get high.

    You probably shouldn't have to stir the weed either - maybe you're over packing the bowls? Vapes are very efficient.

    Anyway I use an average metal grinder for vaping and everything else - it doesn't come out too fine but is small enough. I do this mainly to collect keif in my buster plus it's fast. However, from time to time hand busting is used.
  3. Im using a standard VB whip vape
    vaped but gets dry and brittle no matter what, i know how to vape, never vaped my bud past a point i didnt want to.
    i only use 1/3 sized bowls but i stir it so that the top layer isnt browned anymore than the rest of the bud
  4. I grind up my stuff with a metal grinder.

    What temp do you guys use? I start off on 230.
  5. mine turns a brown.
  6. IMO, grind it as much as you can, then depending on moistness set the temperature. If it's moist use a higher temp. I like to start low then raise the temp.


    For one I can feel the high as the different cannaboids vaporize which is fun because the high changes, and secondly your sure not to destroy any by raising it slowly.

    EDIT: I don't own a vape. lol.
  7. I start the temp at about 10 O'clock on a VB dial and leave it there to prevent over heating.

    Do any of you leave your vape on when not using it in the day? I read that it's better to turn it down all the way than turning it on and off multiple times but I have a VaporBrothers as well and don't think it's practical to leave it on. I do use it multiple times a day though and it has a lifetime warranty.
  8. i start my dial at about 1 o'clock then slowly in 5 degree increments work my way up to about 4.
    get me stooned:smoke:
  9. Before I start, I own Da Buddha Vaporizer and I love it. I usually grind my bud as fine as my Chromium Crusher can get it, which is very fine, and it works out nicely. :smoke:
  10. I have a standard whip vape as well and basically all i do is grind mine up in a grinder and pack the bowl about a third of the way as everyone else said. I usually run my temps around 230-270 depending on how i feel. Higher temps make much more of a burned taste when you are smokin on it but i think the effects are basically the same.

    If im smokin headies out of the vape too ill take all of my leftover vaped weed and save it up either for a rainy day when im super desperate and want to try to get high, or i just mix it in with other bud when i make butter or hash
  11. please do not spread this lie. always stir, otherwise you are wasting sooo much. even in the owner manuals it says to stir. i stir every other hit. so hit twice, stir, hit twice, stir, repeat until i feel it is cashed. i use a space case 4 piece, the consistency of that is perfect. i cant even come up with a comparison for you, but it grinds it perfect. i use a buddha.
  12. Correct.
  13. I grind it till there's no resitance when i twist it,but from time to time i just pick off a little nibblit off the nug and throw it into the bowl and vape it.As for temp,I like 336 ,314,350,and 400. But I like the idea of starting low and slowly dialing the temp up.
  14. I have a 4-piece grinder and I use the MFLB I turn the grinder upside down to grind it as fine as possible.
  15. I have a DBV, put it on about 1:00 and get baked. When my bowl is done it is always extremely dark, almost black. Also, the first 3 hits or so are always a lot thicker than the rest. Is the temp too high? I thought you aren't supposed to see much vapor/smoke?
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    mattster if its almost black at 1:00 try it at about 9 to start out. pull slow and consistent. If you can taste weed really strong and good smelling but only a little vapor is coming out its still working. gradually turn it up to 1 and stir the wand after each hit or every couple of hits.

    if you're getting thick vapor that starts to get harsh you're touching on combustion
  17. I have a Da Buddha (wand replacement is on the way) but I always grind up my bud extra fine.

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