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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sachidananda, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. ok, so I've been smoking for a long time, but i've never had a grinder.

    i'm thinking that one might help me get more out of my weed. what are some of the benefits/aspects of grinders I should know?

  2. A grinder is among the best investments a stoner can make, in my opinion. Get a nice 4-piece, it'll benefit you the most. I find 5-piece grinders are just too much, because all it is, is a second screen which to me is pretty useless... I bought a 5-piece and kept the second screen as a back up for when mine got too clogged up (which it most certainly did). Go to your local headshop/corner store and you should be able to find a decent 4-piece for relatively cheap, mine was around $30. You could go online and get some name brand fuckin' spacecase or some shit if you want, but honestly, I got a ripoff sharpstone and it works great, and has lasted me over a year with no problems.

    One of the main benefits of a grinder (well, a 4+ piece) is that it has a compartment at the bottom that collects and stores THC. You can build it up and have a blast smoke straight THC bowls or joints. THC is also great for topping bowls and joints. Another benefit to me is that weed is just easier to manipulate when it's ground up. Joints are easier to roll, easier to pack into a bowl, etc. Mind you, some bowls with large holes and no screens might not hold ground weed very well, so if that's your case then I'd watch out for bowls.

    Long story short, get a grinder.
  3. I was hesitant about buying a grinder at first, but it was one of my most useful investments next to my bong :bongin:. I always grind my herb regardless of my situation. And when you're dry and see that nice kief layer at the bottom of your grinder you'll thank me for advising you to get one.

    People might say, "you lose thc" when you use a grinder - It's not a noticeable amount but the end result in the grinder IS!
  4. A grinder is very important.

    It collects keif and saves you time.

    For a person who smokes a grinder is almost as important as the piece you smoke it out of IMO.

    Kief is like hash. Free Kief owns
  5. i got mine on amazon for 10bucks works great 4pc. plus you get keif
  6. Coffee grinder > regular grinder

    A cheap coffee grinder collects wayyy more crystals then any crappy 3-4 piece grinder can the only downside is that it needs to be plugged in to work and its not really the most portable device. But on the + side you will get a way more crystals and have the perfect grind for packing bowls
  7. Space case all the way. Invest on it and it'll last a life time. Plus, life-time warranty. Cheap ones less than 20 bucks on amazon or ebay have metal shavings in them and gets clogged easily and theyre usually made in china.
  8. You may lose a tiny bit of THC with a grinder but you'll lose much more if you break it up by hand because of the oils in your fingers absorbing the THC.

    Just a little science lesson for all of you out there. haha
  9. what brand is yours?
  10. Sharpstone
  11. what do you guys think about a sharpstone 4 pc. + cali crusher pollen press for $24.95?

    that's a pretty good deal, right?

  12. its like a home/cooking type brand but it works. just search grinder or tabacoo grinder or somthing. it said tabacoo grinder with a pollen catcher lol.
  13. Thatll work nicely
  14. yea, I'm sure that this grinder will aid me in making some killer hashish.
  15. thanks everybody for the input and expertise.
  16. now i just gotta wait another 2 months for my plants to be ready. what a shitty wait.
  17. Had my sharp stone for 4 going on 5 years. It won't let ya down. Do an Isoprpyl evap every once in a while to keep the screen clear and to yeild some isohash.
  18. Yea, that seems like an awesome aspect to owning one of these badboys, there's almost no waste! In fact, there is no waste!
  19. It really just depends, but I guess there aren't any Pros other than a perfectly uniform bowl that burns nice and evenly.

    Unless you have a 4 piece grinder, then another pro would be all that collected keif on the bottom chamber, which is a nice sweet treat after you've ran out.

    Please don't buy an expensive grinder either... I got my generic 4 piece grinder off Amazon for under $10.00 and it works just as good as any name brand one will. Still grinds a uniform bowl, still collects the same amount of keif. Never had a problem with it.

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