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Grinders That Won't Shed Metal

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Toker., May 18, 2010.

  1. I'm looking to get a new grinder, since my current one sheds metal dust (potentially ending up in my herbs). Is there a specific type of metal to avoid and how can you tell? In head shops there aren't any boxes grinders come in or markings on them stating their material. What is the best quality metal for a grinder?
  2. If you want a top of the line grinder, meaning that you will never need to buy one again than you would want a titanium space case
  3. Chromium Crusher is nice too. Had it for nearly a year and have never had metal shavings.
  4. Space Case imo

    ive had a sharpstone as well as a chromium crusher, and would never buy either again after experiencing the amazing grindage and quality of the space case
  5. space case :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  6. i have an aluminum space case...titanium was way too expensive and not available at my LHS. anbody owned both materials? one better or smoother or anything than the other?
  7. I have a 4 piece chromium crusher it seems to be the best grinder around for the money. I cant dispute space cases superiority but I also cant justify that kind of expenditure when such a good grinder like a crusher can be had for less then 20 on amazon...
  8. Space Case, hands down. I have the titanium model and couldn't be happier. It is the Cadillac of grinders (I love that I actually used that saying, ha).
  9. SpaceCase
  10. Spacecases and cosmic grinders are really around the same quality but the only reason you pay more for a spacecase is your just paying for the name. i have a cosmic and its awesome
  11. I guess one of these days I might be convinced that the Space Case is worth it, but chances are I'll be dead before my Chromium Crusher 4-piece "breaks" on me...:D
  12. I have a Chromium Crusher as well, serves me great. Also, like everyone that said a spacecase, sharpstone, or kannoster, they're all great too, but they can be expensive.
  13. Don't throw SharpStone in that mix. Although you may get a good one, there are just wayyy too many reports of metal shavings and broken teeth to ever recommend one.

    The only 3 grinders where I have never seen any reports of metal shavings or broken teeth are the three I mentioned above.
  14. Can someone give me some advice please?

    Basically I'm aiming on getting a space case grinder and have narrowed it down to the following three:

    Space Case Titanium Grinder - Space Case Titanium Grinder - Online Shop

    Space Case Metal Herb Grinder - Space Case Metal Grinder

    Space Case Grinder/Sifter - Small -
    Pollen Herb Grinder - Mini

    I'm intrigued by the sifter, but am wary of spending a whopping £20 more just for the sifter addition. Thoughts most welcome!
  15. Well, I can only relay my personal experience.

    I used a 4pc ti SpaceCase for about a year, but being that I use a vape, I needed a finer grind than the 4pc could provide, unless I turned it upside down to grind so now, I'm using a 2pc ti SpaceCase and love it. Also, after a year of collecting kief with a 4pc, I finally came to the conclusion that I want as much kief in my bud ALL THE TIME, so a 4pc, in this sense, no longer made sense..............if that makes any sense. ;)
  17. can someone confirm for me that the 4-piece titanium space case is magnetised?
  18. The whole grinder isn't magnetized, but it does have a magnet to help keep it closed.

  19. thanks for the information, hehe yeah an entirely magnetised grinder would be mental

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