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Grinders, are they worth it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BobbyBlaze, May 18, 2010.

  1. Is buying a grinder really worth it?
    I mean, i don't mind breaking up the bud with my fingers.
    a lot of people say you lose THC by breaking it up with your fingers, but is it really enough to make a difference?
  2. Short answer: Yes with an if

    Long answer: No with a but
  3. HELL YEA they are worth it man. THC is lost in the fingers threw the oil on your skin. Buy one off gc for like 4.50$ and a stone one for 10$
  4. i have never really noticed a difference but it does lose THC when you handle the buds with your hands but not enough to notice a difference. Like if you did a experiment with a G broke up with hands and A G ground in a grinder and smoked both you wouldnt be able to tell them apart
  5. They're convenient, smoking blunts and joints, 10x faster. grind it up, spot the seeds and stems easier. It just helps, i mean it's like 10$ for an alright grinder, it don't make much of a difference, drop like 10-20$ see how you like one. If not, sell it to a friend and buy some green.
  6. Get one have you ever had kief? It makes it worth it when you get your kief...
  7. Let's put it this way, I've spent quite a bit of money in the last couple of years on paraphranalia/accessories, and I can say without a doubt my grinder is the best of the lot.
  8. especially if your handling dank, a grinder is your best friend. My grinder helps me accumulate sooo much kief. Kief that would be either smoked or lost if broken up by hand.
  9. i recently bought my grinder and it was just a cheap 3 piece but i still love it. id suggest buying a grinder to anyone.
  10. Short answer is yes.
  11. Think about the kief, man. I assure you, you will find that the amount of kief you collect over time that you'd otherwise be losing is worth the price of a grinder. Plus it's faster...a few quick turns of the grinder and a few pinches and you're done. Definitely nice for parties/social situations/when you're too high to want to break up weed. And it's not like you have to get a super expensive grinder... $10-$15 investment.
  12. Exactly. There's just so many pros about them.

    The kief alone is worth the price of admission.

    Having consistently ground weed makes the bowls last longer too, at least imo. And it saves a lot of time and effort.

    Plus, if you're rolling j's or blunts, a grinder is a necessity. Once I got one I couldn't believe I actually rolled joints without one before.

    1000th post, that's whassup:smoking:
  13. And what kind of grinder is that?
  14. i say thier worth it beacuse it will break it up smaller than you could by hand. and you fingers will have a good amount of thc sticking to them have you ever pressed your fingers together after you broke some up. they also help pack more bud into bongs and spoons. and it will help you roll alot faster. hope this helps. happy toking:bongin::bongin::bongin:
  15. Perfectly ground bud looks, and smokes amazing.

  16. Its great bro, not only does it efficiently break up your weed but it collects the THC crystals at the bottom for an excellent topping to future blunts!

    Saves time to.
  17. in my opinion, grinders are great.

    you can grind the bud up into a nice consistency perfect for papers or bowls. it will burn more evenly and keep a cherry better.

    also, having a kief tray/chamber/whatever you wanna call it is great too. collect some kief, then you can top off your bowls with some goodies or smoke whole bowls of kief if you want.
  18. I've got a chromium crusher, I'm thinking about getting a Mendo Mulcher at the end of summer.

  19. Yes if you've got the cash monays

    No but they are fucking awsome to have
  20. Yes they are definitely worth it. What I used to do every morning was roll a fat blunt for myself to last the day. Breaking up that much at a time was annoying and time consuming. Most of that time was wasted trying to clean my hands of all the stickiness. After getting a grinder, the time it took to roll was now half the time as before and my hands weren't a mess.

    Unfortunately I lost that grinder somehow. Worst thing is that recently the bud I have been getting was the stickiest stuff I've ever had. This meant that rolling joints were full of anger with me as my fingers were too sticky to handle the paper. I actually am going to replace that grinder today.

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