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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GD90, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. so , I'm looking to buy a grinder , but lately I've been reading all of these threads about how the metal ones are unsafe because u get small shards of metal in Ur shit...

    is this just plain paranoia? in case it's not - wouldn't it apply to grinders made of other materials?

    and what would be safest to buy , stone?
  2. The only grinders I could see doing that are super cheap ones from China. stay away from those and you should be fine.
  3. Oddly enough, from all the evidence (or should I say LACK OF) presented here with regards to grinders shredding metal and losing teeth, I'm starting to think this actually occurs about as often as you actually finding weed that is tainted with some other drug.

    Another poster is likely right though. Stay away from the cheap China shit. H

    Decent ones are Chromium Crusher, Cosmic Crusher, or Mendo Mulcher. I've bought damn near every one out there (I own 5 grinders now), and I can tell you that I ALWAYS go back to my Space Cases now. They're the best. If you want my advice, save your money and buy a Space Case. You'll likely never buy another one again, and you won't waste money eventually working your way up to a Space Case like so many of us have. :smoke:
  4. Spend at least $20 and you wont die a slow painful metal lung filled death
  5. I have a SharpStone that I love and I also have a few friends that have them as well - they are quality metal grinders and they are cheaper than a SpaceCase
  6. thx for the recommendations :)
  7. i have had this problem with cheap grinders before....just run the grinder (turn it like you would if it was full of bud) for an hour or so before you use it and give it a good cleaning. any bad parts of the finish that are coming in contact with each other should be smoothed down by then.

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