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Grinder Help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by LetsGeek, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. I have been reading old posts and such but I can't find any info that is helping me choose what kind of grinder I want. I know I want a 4 stage but other than that I am open to ideas. I was thinking the obvious ones were what I should be looking at (space case and sharpstone) but can't make a definitive decision...what does everyone else say? What are the best brands and why?
  2. I have a space case. while it isn't a 4 stage grinder, I am very happy with the purchase and they seem to make a good product from what I can tell.

    Just my .02
  3. If money isn't an object get a Spacecase. If money is tight get a Sharpstone. If you want something in the middle get a Mendo Mulcher.
  4. Headchef, best grinder for price, its like £8 for a medium (less for smaller, more for bigger) sized one, grinds up practically to dust and catches a shit TON of kief which can be sprinkled on top of every cone =) haha
  5. Can I ask why you like spacecase over sharps?
  6. I spent 22 dollars including shipping on a grinder I bought off amazon. It says sharp crusher on the top and it came with a free pollen press which works great. It has a teflon ring so there's no grinding of metal, it also collects a good amount of kief, actual kief too because I've seen cheap grinders before that had shitty screens that just give you powdery ground up plant material. my friend has a space case and it honestly isn't worth the 60 extra bucks, in fact the magnet on his space case barely even works, I can grab the top of my grinder and shake it and it will stay. But make sure you buy the one that says non aluminium. I told my other friend to buy a sharp crusher and he bought the aluminium one because it was a little bigger and a little cheaper and it's not the same quality.
  7. I am currently thinking I'm going to get this one Large Black SharpStone® Hard Top Grinder - Best Grinders on the Market! it is aluminum, should it concern me even though it is sharpstone?
  8. [quote name='"LetsGeek"']

    Can I ask why you like spacecase over sharps?[/quote]

    They're both essentially the same grinder but the Spacecase has more teeth and holes which is better. And aluminum is a good thing. All three grinders are made from aircraft grade aluminum. The only non aluminum grinder you would want is titanium.
  9. Space case is the best, I've never had an issue with one breaking any teeth unlike many sharp stones I have seen this happen to
  10. I have heard that aluminum creates metal shavings in the bud sometimes...
  11. Are you sure the sharpstones your friends have had are legit? Or maybe they were knock offs. Their website assures that this isn't an issue if it is a genuine sharpstone
  12. [quote name='"LetsGeek"']
    I have heard that aluminum creates metal shavings in the bud sometimes...[/quote]

    There's teflon rings on these grinders just for that. Trust me dude those 3 are the top grinders you can buy.
  13. I trust you. Just weighing out all my options and concerns before I make an investment. I have been using scissors for years and have decided to invest in some "this age" technology haha. Thanks for all of your input, everybody!
  14. [quote name='"LetsGeek"']

    Are you sure the sharpstones your friends have had are legit? Or maybe they were knock offs. Their website assures that this isn't an issue if it is a genuine sharpstone[/quote]

    Yes they are legit since they were purchased from my local shop which is a very trust worthy company, and it's not that I've seen tons of sharp stones do this maybe just 1 or 2. i have also owned a sharpstone with no problem longer then my space case but I have yet to see a space case break and the grind is great with no blade dulling
  15. I have a generic aluminum grinder I bought from my local headshop for $20. Its a 4 piece and does a great job, had it for a little over a year and a half, never had any problems or metal shavings...
  16. Trust me, if I could find a generic that wasn't chrome coated plastic then I would buy it in a hearbeat. But around here, all the lhs sell overpriced glass and products from China that I won't support. I drive about an hour and a half to a hs that I love (they have local blowers too, so you can meet who blows the glass and even see demonstrations); but don't feel the need to make that trip for a grinder so I need to buy one online. Glad yours works good though, I sometimes get a little jealous of others' access to a good hs.
  17. I have a Space Case. It's a good grinder for the price, I got it for $30 a while back from a headshop. It has a kief catcher too.

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