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  1. I've placed some sticky weed in my grinder, and now I noticed the screen is clogged and even if I banged it as hard as possible on a table the weed stuck in there will not come out. The build up is getting worse and worse, and sometimes I'm sitting there with a tooth pick picking for a hot minute(longer than a minute lol)
    What can I do to alleviate this?

  2. run iso through it. and evaporate the iso. now you have grinder hash and a clean grinder. 
  3. Do I just let the grinder sit there in a container filled with alcohol? Just leave it alone in the sun or something until it all evaporates?
  4. change the screen?
  5. I didn't think you could do that, I just bought the grinder from some random smoke shop store, but its all caked on the walls of the metal spikes and the grinder itself
  6. I had to do this with my grinder because get this, it was FILLED with thc, not just a little bit every little hole had thc in it and i could not get it out, i ended up getting about half of it out by fiendshly stabbing a butterknife through it then it all poured out once i scraped it, i got mad high. 
    coffee grinders ftw now son
  7. Smoke your grinder and then buy a new stainless steel sharpstone. Good luck!
  8. Yep leave it out in the sun.
  9. run iso through it then put the iso on a plate so it will evaporate. then scrape the hash off the plate when it's done drying.
      If it's a metal grinder, place it in the oven for 15 minutes at 200 F or until quite warm.
    Find a drinking glass or bowl, and when your grinder is almost too hot to touch, place it in the bottom of the container, pour rubbing alcohol in until it's fully submerged (make sure you disturb out any air pockets within the grinder so it's full of alcohol), and wait a minute or two while gently swishing.
     Remove your grinder and swish it in warm water, *now allow the alcohol you've used to evaporate on a windowsill, or at least in front of a fan, or in a bathroom with a ceiling exhaust fan, preferable while in a flat glass tray or dish. I keep a screen on my concentrates while the alcohol evaporates, to keep debris out. The fumes are flammable, and while rubbing alcohol is safe for cleaning scrapes and cuts, it's not meant for drinking and you don't want to breathe much of the stuff... for these reasons exhaust/moving air is a must. No smoking during the process!
     When it's evaporated 'fully' to the naked eye, put it in the oven for 10 minutes or so at 170 F, and to collect it just scrape your hash (along with a few plant impurities, more or less depending on the state of your grinder) while warm, with the edge of a fork, or a razor blade if you have one. You may end up with a sappy oil or a 'shatter' hash. Some people like to instead freeze and quickly scrape up the hash in the form of crystal shards, before remelting it in a blob, or before just collecting the hash oil shards as they are... which method is easier, can depend on how you prefer to purge the remaining alcohol, it can depend on your scraping tools or dish, or just on personal preference. :)
      Now you have a clean grinder, and some decent hash oil :)
    *If you want to go the extra mile, you can filter your alcohol through a coffee filter before evaporating, and even 'winterize' your alcohol extract before evaporating, to help purify the resulting concentrate or hash oil.
  11. That was an excellent guide, in fact it kills two birds with one stone :)
  12. Just did it with two of my grinders.. One is plastic and the other is a bullet grinder which cleaned up nicely.. I'm currently at the hard part, waiting for the iso to evaporate.. It's 3am, 15Ëš and not very windy.. as you can tell, I'm jonesing.. COME ON ISO!!
    Thanks for the guide, I'll let you know how the smoke was..
  13. Need to clean my grinder. Its starting to get some caked on gunk on blades and a few other spots.

    I dont do drugs, I set plants on fire and breathe.
  14. You could give it a nice hot water bath.
  15. Don't ISO your plastic grinder unless it's medical grade plastic.

    Alcohol is a SOLVENT!

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  16. Throw it out and invest in a Santa Cruz shredder 4 piece it'll end all of your life problems ..... Or use a brush for a shaving kit it works wonders for a gribder
  17. I have tried most of theese methods. The most effecient way i have found, is i bought a really cheap paint brush. I brush the screen, and its a horse hair brush so the hairs are skinny enough to fit through the holes. Within less then a minute, most of the stuck keef will end up in the kief catcher.
  18. This works great!

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