Grinder Grinding Up Seeds?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by EmoSteve, May 20, 2010.

  1. Hi. I'm new to grinders. I just got one today, and I grinded up a bud. I didn't know there was a seed in there, and I grinded up the seed that was in it. I know it's not good to smoke seeds. What should I do to the grinded up weed and seed?
  2. smoke it anyway 1 seed wont do much to you
  3. Just smoke it. Its ok. When I get seeds, they usually just fall through the holes in the grinder and I would just pick them out of the ground bud. But if they were to get grinded up and mixed in with the bud then just smoke it. I have smoked seeds mixed with bud before. It wont give you a headache or any effects really. Atleast not if theres only 1 or 2 seeds.
  4. Yeah, you'll be alright. Toke it up, man.
  5. I normally just loosely break it up by hand, remove the large stems and seeds if any, then place into the grinder.
  6. yeah i just throw my bud in the grinder and whenever there are seeds they usually break up and stuff they dont pop or anything since thye are broken up
  7. lol dont worry dude u wont die or anything. just next time break your weed off the nug medium piece by medium piece and make sure to get all the stems and seeds out. dont worry about it we were all beginners at one point ;)
  8. smoking seeds is f'n gross. smells horrible and tastes like crap. that's the problem with reggies. sometimes i'll do a crap job of breakin buds up to get seeds out or grind bud for a second or two to semi break them up and then pick out seeds.
  9. people are gonna smell it and look at you and say WTF?

    also smoking seeds can temporarily render you sterile
  10. it's true.
  11. Smoke it... but don't let it happen again... unless of course you like that taste. You'll see what I mean.

    Actually if you're sensitive to powerful scents like I am, a few smoked seeds in a blunt or something may give you a headache. I used to get them from all the girls in middle school with their stupid, cheap fragrances laid on so fucking thick.

    Yeah dude... it's the worst when hotboxing a small space. You hear the seed pop and you're like... awww what the fuck.... aww fuck that smells awful... fuck it I'm opening a window... noooo you'll let out all the smoke. :p
  12. seeds taste bad, But grinding up seeds happens. I just shack while i twist my grinder and find that it gets more seeds to fall than get ground up.

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