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Grinder causing headaches?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by insight420, Nov 24, 2011.

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    Hellow fellow blades, I have a question for you tonight. The last couple times I've smoked, I've ended up with a headache pretty quickly. Well, just this last time, I noticed that it looked like my grinder was missing flakes of metal, leaving black spots. My question is, could these metal shavings that I guess I've been accidentally smoking be causing these headaches? I plan on ordering a new grinder, but I'd like to know anyway. Thank you! :smoke:


    I just ordered a new grinder, but I'mma start breaking my bud up by hand 'til it gets here. I feel stupid for not noticing 'til now.
  2. Never heard of smoking paint chips causing a headache.

    Then again I never heard of smoking paint chips and living to tell about it.

    But seriously never heard of smoking paint chips.

  3. Oh damn. :eek: Well thanks for giving me the heads up. Time to get all the kief out the bottom of that thing and chuck it. :cool:

    I bought this one here.
  4. Possibly. Whatever chemicals are in it can't be healthy.
  5. Yea its not worth the risk
  6. [quote name='"hippie4u"']You bought that... Sharpstone is know for flakes...And srry but push clean. That thing will shed like crazy. You Dont want that many moving pieces. More movement, more friction/more metal on metal causing flakes

    Just get a space case[/quote]

    Well aren't you just the bearer of bad news this evening! Lol
  7. #10 hippie4u, Nov 24, 2011
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  8. [quote name='"hippie4u"']Sorry i just want people to be save. And know how exspensive trial and era can be.
    Bottom of the page. Thats what happens when you should have bought a space case from the get go.[/quote]

    I've actually already seen your grinder collection :metal: also just a little tip: if you right click the NUMBER of the post and copy that link, it'll send them directly to the post itself!
  9. I didnt know that. It kept saying i had already uploaded that pic. Thanks

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